Graduate Course Numbering System

Courses carrying graduate credit are listed in the Graduate Catalog. Only courses numbered 500 and above can carry graduate credit and only for students admitted to the Graduate School at the time of enrollment.

Courses numbered under 500 carry undergraduate credit only and may be taken as supporting or prerequisite courses, but may not be counted toward a graduate degree and are not computed in a student’s graduate grade point average.

Courses numbered 500–699 are aimed primarily at juniors and seniors, but graduate students may also receive graduate credit for these courses if the student was admitted to Graduate School prior to enrollment in the course. Some graduate programs do not allow courses numbered 500–699, which carry graduate credit, to meet degree requirements and students should be aware of such restrictions before enrolling. In such mixed classes, a discernibly higher level of performance is expected from graduate students, with the nature of this differential performance set by the professor.

Courses numbered 700–799 are structured primarily for graduate students, but upper-division undergraduate students may be admitted if they meet course prerequisites. All students in these courses are expected to perform at the level of graduate students (Graduate I students who ordinarily have not accumulated more than 30 hours in a graduate program). Students receive graduate credit if the student was admitted to the Graduate School prior to enrollment; undergraduate students receive undergraduate credit unless the student was preapproved to earn graduate credit for that specific course under the senior rule policy, or was preapproved for graduate credit for that specific course following the student’s admission to a dual/accelerated bachelor’s to master’s program.

Courses numbered 700–899 are designed primarily for Graduate I students. Courses numbered 900–999 are designed primarily for Graduate II students (those who ordinarily have completed more than 30 hours in a graduate program).

Courses numbered 800 and above are restricted to graduate students only or undergraduate students approved for enrollment under the senior rule or dual/accelerated degree options.

In special cases, courses in areas where graduate degree programs are not currently available may carry graduate credit and apply toward a graduate degree in a related field or simply count as graduate credit for some nondegree purpose. Any of these courses applied toward an advanced degree program must have the approval of the student’s advisor and the chairperson of the department involved in advance of enrollment.