A graduate student may enroll in graduate courses (for credit) a second or subsequent time and have it counted as part of the semester’s load. If a course is repeated, the Graduate School will consider that the last grade earned replaces the original grade for purposes of admission and degree completion (in calculating initial and subsequent admission GPAs, in certifying the student’s eligibility for graduation, in certifying completion of certificate programs, and in computing the WSU grade point average). Although the last grade earned becomes the grade of record (replaces original grade), the original course grade remains on the graduate transcript.

Repeated courses are identified on the transcript by an extra letter after the grade:

  • I included in GPA
  • E Excluded from GPA

Within existing departmental and university guidelines, WSU courses repeated at another institution may be used to complete program requirements, but the repeat grade will not be counted in the WSU grade point average (as transfer courses are not counted in the WSU grade point average).