Levels of Admission

Full Standing

Students who have fulfilled all of the admission requirements for a given program, including admission grade point average, entrance exams if required, reference and credentials if required, and have 9 credit hours or less of prerequisites, may be granted admission on a full-standing basis. Students admitted to full standing are eligible for consideration for assistantships and federally-funded financial aid.

Conditional Status

Students who may have background deficiencies in excess of 9 credit hours, but fewer than 16 credit hours, or who have not submitted required references, examinations and so forth, but who otherwise have met the full-standing degree program requirements, may be granted admission on a conditional basis. Students are allowed one semester to submit the remaining credentials, including test scores, and one year to remove background deficiencies. Transfer to an appropriate nondegree category will result if the necessary conditions are not satisfactorily met. Students admitted with conditions are not eligible for federally-funded financial aid, but may be considered for graduate assistantship positions.

Probationary Status

Students who do not meet the minimum academic requirements for full-standing degree program admission may be admitted on probation when reasonable evidence exists to indicate their ability to do satisfactory degree program work. In order to clear the probationary status, students must complete their first 9 credit hours of graded graduate-level coursework at Wichita State University with a minimum 3.000 grade point average. Only courses numbered 500 and above which are letter graded (A, B, C, D, F) can be used toward the 9-credit-hour requirement. S/U, Bg/NBg and Cr/NCr courses will not count toward the 9-credit-hour requirement.

Students who have a graduate history at WSU must also raise their graduate grade point average to a 3.000 or better to be removed from probation.

Students admitted on probation or placed on academic probation following admission are not eligible for federally-funded financial aid.