Readmission for Former or Dismissed Students

WSU Former Graduate Students in Inactive Status

Students who have completed coursework at Wichita State University, but have not enrolled in the past 24 months, are placed in inactive status. To enroll again, inactive students must complete an online reactivation form available at the registrar's website ( This should be done at least one month before any planned enrollment.

Because of changes in program requirements, periods of nonenrollment may result in the need to reapply for admission to the program.

Graduate Readmission Following Academic Dismissal

Following academic dismissal, students who wish to be considered for readmission to the Graduate School must first complete a minimum of 9 credit hours of 500 level or above letter-graded coursework, selected with appropriate advisement. These 9 credit hours cannot include repeats of courses for which graduate credit was previously earned, and cannot be applied toward a graduate degree should the student be readmitted. Such coursework must be completed with a grade point average of 3.000 or higher for the readmission application to be considered. Meeting this standard, along with both Graduate School and program-specific requirements, will permit consideration of readmission to a graduate program. Previously dismissed students who are recommended for readmission under this policy will re-enter on probation.