ETHS - Ethnic Studies

Courses numbered 500 to 799 = undergraduate/graduate. (Individual courses may be limited to undergraduate students only.) Courses numbered 800 to 999 = graduate.

ETHS 512.  Diversity and Aging   (3).

General education social and behavioral sciences advanced further study course. Cross-listed as AGE 512. Introduces students to issues in aging that are unique to minority older adults. Demonstrates differences in the aging experience by race/ethnicity and addresses the differential patterns of health and illness in later life in relation to race/ethnicity, gender and culture. In addition, the student develops an appreciation for how race/ethnicity affects mental and social dimensions of life. Attention is given to the impact on the social, financial and health aspects of those who speak a language other than English. Course perspective is interdisciplinary, taking into account the physical, psychological, interpersonal and social influences which shape our understanding of the challenges older minorities face when relocating to the United States. Course includes diversity content.

ETHS 540.  Advanced Cross-Cultural Communication   (3).

General education social and behavioral sciences advanced further study course. Special topics in human relations. Course includes diversity content. Prerequisite: ETHS 210.

ETHS 545.  Cross-Cultural Communication Theory   (3).

Examines current cross-cultural communication theory and its impact on contemporary cross-cultural issues. Course includes diversity content.

ETHS 579.  Asian Women in Modern History   (3).

Cross-listed as HIST 579 and WOMS 579. Examines women's historical and contemporary experiences in Asian America and eight major countries in modern Asia. Covers topics on Asian women's activism in relation to nationalism and women's rights. Investigates Asian women's roles and statuses in the family and society and their educational attainment and contributions to the export-oriented industrialization of the Asia-Pacific region. Examines the intra-regional migration of female guest workers among various countries in Asia. Traces the ways in which the changes in immigration laws during the 20th century affect patterns of Asian women's migration to the United States. Introduces writing that integrates Asian women's lives and Asian American experiences into the discourses on ethnicity, national origin, class, gender and sexual orientation in the United States and the Asia-Pacific region. Course includes diversity content.

ETHS 580.  Individual Projects: Ethnic Studies   (1-3).

Students conduct independent research related to a specific ethnic group. Course includes diversity content. Repeatable for a total of 6 hours. Prerequisite: 50 hours of Wichita State credit or program consent.

ETHS 725.  Concepts of Cross-Cultural Communication   (3).

Critical survey of the concepts of cross-cultural communication. In-depth examination of the rationale used to evaluate different ethnic groups' language and behavior. Provides a conceptual understanding of special implications and necessary adaptations of communication to, between and among diverse ethnic groups in our society. Course includes diversity content.