MCLL - Modern and Classical Languages and Literatures

Courses numbered 500 to 799 = undergraduate/graduate. (Individual courses may be limited to undergraduate students only.) Courses numbered 800 to 999 = graduate.

MCLL 651.  Language & Culture   (3).

Cross-listed as ANTH 651 and LING 651. An introduction to the major themes in the interactions of language and society and language and culture, including ethnography of communication, linguistic relativity, and determinism; types of language contact, the linguistic repertoire, and cross-cultural discourse analysis. Content may vary with instructor. Prerequisite: 3 hours of linguistics, or MCLL 351, or 6 hours of anthropology.

MCLL 790Q.  Special Topics in Music and Foreign Language   (1-5).

Cross-listed as MUSP 790Q (College of Fine Arts). Allows undergraduate and graduate students to take courses in the modern foreign languages together with individualized instruction in the translation and diction of poetical texts set to music. Course may be used to satisfy the foreign language requirement of the Bachelor of Music in performance-vocal emphasis. Repeatable for credit. Prerequisite: departmental consent.