Badges in Graduate Programs

Badge Program

Wichita State University’s badge program is designed with the working professional in mind so coursework is developed around professional development content and structured in smaller units. In most cases, information is organized into 0.5 credit hour classes (one 0.5 credit hour class equates to one badge) which also makes the workload manageable for someone who works a full-time job. While some badges may be offered in a classroom setting, most are offered online. Enrollment in some badge courses is restricted to nondegree seeking students. Degree-bound students can enroll in certain badge courses that will provide them with additional workplace skills that are in demand by employers. In some cases, badges may be applied towards elective requirements for a degree should the student enter a WSU degree program.

Badges are credit courses that comply with the definition and assignment of credit hour policy and appear on a transcript indicating that academic work has been successfully completed. Students receive a grade of either Bg (badge earned) or NBg (no badge earned) when the class ends.

Important note for graduate students: Depending on a graduate program’s structure, it is possible that graduate badge credit may not be used in the future for a degree or certificate program. If a badge student later applies for and is admitted to a degree seeking program that does allow badge coursework, all graduate rules with respect to coursework will apply to the badges (e.g. time limits; nonletter graded coursework limits).

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