Plan of Study

In order to officially define a program of study for a graduate degree, students must submit the Graduate Plan of Study form leading to admission to candidacy. Submission of the proposed plan of study requires that the conditions of admission (if any) to the program area have been completed. Students must meet program requirements in effect at the time the plan of study is approved by the Graduate School. This approval establishes the student's catalog year for degree completion purposes. It is therefore recommended that the proposed plan identifying the completion option and proposed coursework be submitted no later than by the end of the second semester of enrollment in the program. Some programs may have earlier deadlines for submitting the plan of study. Early submission of the plan is vital to successful degree completion.

The plan of study is developed in conjunction with the advisor and signed by the candidate, the advisor (and advisory committee members, if applicable), the graduate coordinator or chairperson of the major department, and the dean of the Graduate School. All academic work completed and planned for the degree must be included in the plan of study at the time of submission.

The process of filing an acceptable plan of study is not completed until the student has received a copy of their approved plan of study from the Graduate School by email. If that has not been received within three weeks of submitting the plan to the Graduate School Office, please contact the degree audit staff to inquire about the status of the plan review and approval.

Excess hours beyond the program requirements are not permitted on a graduate plan of study. A variation of one or two hours can occur due to slight variations in course offerings, but a graduate plan of study may not exceed the program requirements by any significant amount.

Students may make changes to the plan of study that are necessary because of enrollment problems or other circumstances by submitting the plan of study form and showing only the necessary revisions. More extensive changes may be accomplished by filing a new plan of study marked revised plan.

Failure to submit an acceptable plan of study in a timely manner may result in a delay in graduation or loss of credit planned for use in the program.

Students may not include a graduate-level course on their plan of study that has been previously taken as an undergraduate-level enrollment. In order to graduate, the GPA for all plan of study courses, AND for all graduate level coursework must be a 3.000 or above.