Time Limits, Residency and Tool/Language Requirements

Time Limits

Students have six years in which to complete a master’s degree program starting from the first semester the student begins the coursework that is designated in the plan of study.

For doctoral programs requiring a master’s degree for admission, the doctorate must be completed within six years from the effective semester of admission. In those programs permitting admission directly after the bachelor’s degree, the doctorate must be completed within nine years from the effective semester of admission. Time limits are not imposed on transfer courses from a previously awarded graduate degree or from a graduate certificate awarded by Wichita State University.

In cases where the above time limits are exceeded and in which the student desires to have a course count toward degree completion, the outdated course must be validated or substituted with a course within the time limits, or an Application for Exception to Graduate Regulations must be filed and approved to waive the time limits for the course in question. To have courses validated, students seek approval from their department, and must submit a Course Validation Request form to the Graduate School for validation approval. The instructor must identify on the form the process that will be used to certify that the student has achieved a grade value of 3.000 on a 4.000 point scale. Grades lower than a B (generating less than 3.000 grade points), will not be accepted.

Transfer courses and work that originally received a grade lower than a B, (generating less than 3.000 grade points), cannot be validated. Courses completed 10 or more years before the degree is granted, even if previously validated, may not be used to meet degree requirements.

Residency Requirement

Doctoral students are required to spend at least two continuous semesters (summer excluded) as full-time students.

Tool or Language Requirements

The Graduate School has no overall tool or language requirements, although such requirements have been established by some programs. Students should consult an individual program’s section of the Graduate Catalog for information regarding such requirements.

Any tool subjects (e.g., foreign language, computer programming, statistics) required by the major program must be identified in the student’s plan of study. The completion of this tool is not required prior to submission of the plan of study but is required prior to graduation.