MEd in Exercise Science

Admission to the master’s degree program in exercise science requires students to have completed an undergraduate degree from a regionally accredited institution and have a grade point average of at least 2.750 (4.000 system) in the last 60 credit hours of coursework including any postbachelor’s graduate work in accordance with university graduate policy.

Students applying to the program must complete the following prerequisite courses. Students who have 9 credit hours or less of prerequisites remaining may be granted admission on a full-standing basis, but must complete all remaining prerequisites within one year of admission.

CHEM 110Preparatory Chemistry (or equivalent)3
HPS 229Applied Human Anatomy (or equivalent)3
HPS 313Exercise & Sport Nutrition (or equivalent)3
HPS 328Kinesiology - Biomechanics (or equivalent)3
HPS 490Physiology of Exercise (or equivalent)3

Program Requirements

The Master of Education (MEd) in exercise science program offers a 34-hour thesis option, a 36-hour nonthesis with internship option, and a 36-hour nonthesis without internship option. The thesis option requires an oral examination on the research; the nonthesis with internship and nonthesis without internship options require a written comprehensive examination.

All program students are required to take HPS 860, preferably in their first year in the program, to satisfy the professional and scholarly integrity training requirement.

Core Courses
HPS 800Recent Literature in the Profession3
HPS 815Fitness Assessment/Exercise Recommendations3
HPS 830Advanced Physiology and Anatomy of Exercise3
HPS 860Research Methods in the Profession2-3
Specialty Courses
HPS 510Coaching Principles3
HPS 541Strength Training and Conditioning3
HPS 715Body Composition and Weight Management3
HPS 732Pathophysiology of Cardiovascular Disease3
HPS 740Endocrinology and Metabolism of Exercise3
HPS 750_Workshops
HPS 762Statistical Concepts in Human Performance Studies3
HPS 780Physical Dimensions of Aging3
HPS 781Cooperative Education Field Study1-3
HPS 790Applied Exercise Physiology3
HPS 795Physiology of Athletic Performance3
HPS 797Exercise in Health and Disease3
HPS 890Special Topics1-4
HPS 895Applied Research1-4

Thesis Option

Complete the four required core courses12
Select four specialty courses12
Select two elective courses 16
HPS 875Thesis Research2
HPS 876Thesis2
Successfully compete the required oral defense of thesis
Total Credit Hours34

Nonthesis Option with Internship

Complete the four required core courses12
Select four specialty courses (including HPS 890 Special Topics)12
Select two elective courses 16
HPS 857Internship in Exercise Science/Wellness6
Successfully complete the required written comprehensive exam
Total Credit Hours36

Nonthesis Option without Internship

Complete the four required core courses12
Select six specialty courses18
Select two elective courses 16
Successfully complete the required written comprehensive exam
Total Credit Hours36

Elective courses may be additional specialty courses or selected from another department with advisor’s approval.