Certificate in Information Assurance and Cybersecurity

The graduate certificate in information assurance and cybersecurity is a university-issued graduate certificate. It is designed for information technology professionals and graduate students enrolled in related fields who are wishing to gain training in this focused topic. Students completing this certificate will have a strong understanding of the fundamentals of information assurance and cybersecurity as well as an in-depth knowledge in critical and upcoming areas such as security and privacy in network and internet systems, cyber-physical systems and critical infrastructure, Internet-of-Things and software systems and cloud computing.

Students seeking this certificate must be admitted to the Graduate School in one of the degree programs offered by the electrical engineering and computer science department or in nondegree Category A status. All Graduate School policies relative to admissions apply.

Students pursuing a graduate certificate must file a plan of study for the certificate program with the graduate coordinator before half of the required hours are completed. Students may apply certificate coursework toward a degree program.

The certificate requires the completion of 12 credit hours from a selected list of courses.

A cumulative graduate grade point average of at least 3.000 must be maintained for all courses comprising the certificate program and no grades below C.

Required Courses
CS 736Data Communication Networks3
CS 766Information Assurance and Security3
CS 767Foundations of Network Security3
With the help of these required courses, students will develop a strong and sound foundation of current data and network systems, security and privacy challenges in these systems, and fundamental cryptographic and cybersecurity techniques to overcome these challenges.
Select one of the elective courses listed on the EECS department website. Electives allow students to explore information assurance and security challenges in upcoming and modern networking, hardware and software systems.3
Total Credit Hours12

Students completing the certificate program will receive an appropriately worded certificate from the Graduate School, and notation will be made on the student's transcript when the certificate has been awarded.