Tuition and fees, including any departmental or college fees, are required to be paid in full for any course in which a student is still enrolled after the deadline for dropping that course with a 100 percent refund.

An installment payment plan is available at the time of enrollment to assist students in making tuition payments. Any student who does not have financial aid from other sources sufficient to pay tuition and fees is eligible if the student has paid all previous obligations to the university. The installment plan requires a $130 nonrefundable down payment which includes a $30 setup fee making the installment plan interest-free. Installment plans must be repaid in two or three equal installments according to the deadlines for a given semester.

Assessment and Collection

The senior associate vice president for financial services is responsible for the assessment and collection of fees. All semester fees, including laboratory fees, are due and payable in full at registration.

Late Fees

All accounts with a balance greater than $150 from tuition, enrollment related fees, or housing charges assessed in the current term will incur a $100 late fee on the first business day after the published payment due date. The payment due date for tuition and enrollment related fees will coincide with the financial aid office's recalculation date, the registrar’s office late enrollment date, and the financial operations office 100 percent refund date. The payment due date for housing charges is stated in the housing contract.

All delinquent accounts with a balance due greater than $150 from tuition, enrollment related fees, or housing charges will incur a late payment fee of $100 ninety (90) calendar days into the current term.

Unpaid Fees

Students who leave Wichita State University without meeting their financial obligations to the university may have their records impounded by the registrar and their accounts may be sent to a collection agency resulting in additional fees. Their transcripts or diplomas will not be issued unless their accounts are cleared, and they may not enroll for a new term unless all fees are paid.

Students who are eligible to graduate but still have unpaid tuition balances will not receive their diplomas until those fees are paid.

Board of Appeals — Residency Status

Two faculty members, a representative of the vice president for student affairs, a representative of the director of financial operations, and a representative of the general counsel’s office constitute the board of appeals for students who believe their residency status has been incorrectly assessed or is eligible for change. The decision of this committee is final. Forms to initiate this process are available in the registrar’s office, 102 Jardine Hall. Residency forms can also be downloaded online ( Also see the Residency Defined section in this catalog.