Tuition and Fee Waivers

Student Fee Waivers

Student fees shall be waived for all Wichita State University benefits-eligible employees, adjunct faculty members and lecturers. These university employees must have an appointment for the semester in which the student fee is applicable.

Student fees shall be waived for enrolled students who are working in their cooperative education or applied learning job, or who are performing a required clinical rotation or internship off the WSU campus (defined as the City of Wichita, its contiguous industrial sites and the WSU South and West locations) for the entire semester.

Student employees and graduate assistants are not eligible for student fee waivers.

Tuition Waiver for Kansas Teacher of the Year

Kansas Teacher of the Year recipients are allowed to enroll tuition free in up to 9 credit hours annually provided the individual is actively pursuing a teaching career in Kansas.

To be eligible, a person must be:

  1. A past or present recipient of the Kansas Teacher of the Year award under the program administered by the Kansas Department of Education, and
  2. Employed as a teacher in an educational institution accredited by the Kansas Department of Education.

A list of persons eligible for this tuition waiver is on file in the Board of Education Office.

Senior Citizen Fee Waiver

In accordance with Kansas Board of Regents policy, students who are at least 60 years of age may audit (no credit) regular lecture or certain group activity courses — when there is space available and for which they meet the prerequisites — without payment of tuition and student fees, campus infrastructure and support fees, and technology and transportation fees. However, senior auditors must pay any applicable workshop fees and lab/special course fees.

Prerequisites include admission to the graduate school for graduate courses, and program admission for courses in which program admission is required of all students.

Senior citizens must present a Medicare card or driver’s license to validate age. A special senior citizen registration is held after the first day of classes — see the Schedule of Courses, semester calendar at the registrar's website (

Senior citizens desiring college credit or the assurance of space in specific courses may enroll and pay full fees during regular registration.

Senior citizens who have not enrolled at WSU before must complete an application for admission and pay the application fee before registering at the undergraduate or graduate admissions office, $40 for undergraduate or $50 for graduate.

Senior citizens who want to participate in at least one of the Human Performance Studies (HPS) 152 sections have three options:

  1. Purchase a membership in the Center for Physical Activity and Aging (CPAA), $50 for membership purchased at the HPS department. Enrollment through the registrar’s office is not necessary.
  2. Those who want more complete access to the Heskett Center, and Ablah Library privileges, may join CPAA and enroll through the registrar’s office with audit status in a 0 credit hour section. Costs include a $50 membership fee, $21 + tax Heskett Center fee paid at the Heskett Center, and any applicable workshop fees and lab/special course fees.
  3. Senior citizens may enroll in one class for full credit at a total cost of the current tuition and student fees, campus infrastructure and support fees, and technology and transportation fees.

Members of the CPAA are eligible each semester for functional assessment testing of their ability to perform daily living activities and an annual bone density evaluation. Membership also provides education concerning the concepts of active aging to the older adult population through newsletters, workshops, lectures and exercise demonstrations.

Tuition Waiver for Graduate Teaching Assistants

Graduate teaching assistants (GTAs) are eligible for full or partial waiver of in-state tuition up to 12 credit hours per semester (where they hold qualified assistantships) for courses numbered 500 and above.