MA in Criminal Justice

In addition to the Graduate School admission requirements, applicants must submit:

  1. Contact information for two people acquainted with the applicant’s background and potential to serve as references; and
  2. A brief autobiographical statement describing particular interests, experiences and goals related to academic and professional work in criminal justice.

Applicants are evaluated with respect to:

  1. Undergraduate grade point average (a minimum GPA of 3.000 overall is required for consideration of admission to degree status);
  2. Amount, type and scope of undergraduate preparation; and
  3. Reference letters.

Final recommendation on a candidate’s admission to the MACJ program is made to the Graduate School by the graduate coordinator of the criminal justice program.

Effective fall semester 2015, the Master of Arts in criminal justice may be completed as an option entirely online (

Program Requirements

Students pursuing the MA degree in criminal justice may follow either a thesis or nonthesis option. Both program options require a minimum of 36 credit hours, including 24 credit hours taken in courses numbered 700 or above.

Core Curriculum 1
CJ 802Quantitative Methods for Public Sector Professionals3
CJ 893Seminar on the Application of Criminological Theory3
CJ 894Proseminar in Criminal Justice3
CJ 897Advanced Research Methods3
Integrity in Public Service
Violent Crime
Sex Crimes
Homicide Investigation
Criminal Justice & Crime in Film
Correctional Counseling
Forensic Psychiatry
Forensic Science
Dispute Resolution
Juvenile Justice and Social Policy
Community Policing
Cooperative Education
Advanced Special Topics in Criminal Justice
Advanced Special Topic C J
Criminal Typologies
Policy Analysis and Program Evaluation
Terrorism and Modern Societies
Crime Prevention through Environmental Design
Police Administration
Advanced Criminal Law
Qualitative Methods
Individual Directed Study in Criminal Justice
Seminar in Judicial Process
Seminar in Policing
Seminar in Corrections
Nonthesis/Thesis Option
Select one of the following options:24
Nonthesis Option:
Select 24 credit hours of electives, including 12 credit hours taken in courses numbered 700 or above
Thesis Option:
Select 18 credit hours of electives, including 6 credit hours taken in courses numbered 700 or above and 6 credit hours of Thesis
Qualitative Methods (recommended)
Total Credit Hours36


Students selecting the thesis option must pass an oral defense of the thesis.