Graduate School Awards

The Graduate School oversees and distributes general awards and certain fellowship activities as described below. Additional information can be found on the Graduate School awards webpage (

Dora Wallace Hodgson Outstanding Graduate Student Awards

Funding for the Graduate School Outstanding Graduate Student awards is made possible through generous donations to the WSU Foundation from the Dora Wallace Hodgson estate. Awards are given for the following categories: Dora Wallace Hodgson Outstanding Doctoral Student and Dora Wallace Hodgson Outstanding Master’s Student.

Delano Maggard, Jr. Graduate Research Grant

The Maggard research grant supports graduate students in their pursuit of independent research and investigation in their field of major interest. Funds are provided through the WSU Foundation, Delano Maggard, Jr. endowed account. Applicants must be in full-standing status in a degree program. Applicants must be enrolled in the semester prior to the semester of award and show satisfactory academic progress in coursework related to the proposed course of study.

Michael P. Tilford Graduate Fellowship

The Michael P. Tilford Graduate Fellowship, established in memory of former WSU Graduate School Dean Michael P. Tilford, is awarded to a currently enrolled full-time graduate student in good academic standing in any graduate degree program. Preference is for a minority student who is a U.S. citizen. Financial need is also considered.

Educational Opportunity Fund (Part-Time Students)

Funds are provided by the Student Government Association from student fees for new and continuing part-time students with financial need. Tuition awards are made contingent on annual funding to full-standing degree-bound students who are enrolled in at least 3 credit hours but not more than 8 credit hours, and who qualify for financial assistance. A financial statement form is part of the application. Please contact the Graduate School or visit the Graduate School website for application deadlines and details.

Student Travel — Special Research Fellowships

Special research fellowships encourage research among graduate students and recognize their superior achievement by providing financial support to students who present the results of their scholarly research at professional meetings and conferences.

In addition to the above awards, the Graduate School distributes the following awards based on financial need and other considerations:

  • Dr. Laiten L & Verna Nye Camien Fellowship
  • E.L. Cord Foundation Graduate Fellowship
  • Ollie A. & J.O. Heskett Graduate Fellowship
  • Donald D. Sbarra Endowed Fellowship
  • Lawrence and Pauline Stettheimer Endowed Fellowship