Graduate Certificates Offered

Enterprise Systems and Supply Chain Management

This certificate is aimed at equipping students with a knowledge of key enterprise-level information technology systems and supply chain practices used by companies around the world. The courses are structured to provide extensive conceptual and applied information about enterprise-level systems and supply chain management. The curriculum is jointly offered by the decision sciences and ITMIS faculty in the School of Business and the industrial engineering faculty in the College of Engineering. This program requires satisfactory completion of four courses from the following list of courses, at least one course from both engineering and business is required:

Select four courses from the following (at least one course must be taken in each area)
Business Courses
Business Intelligence and Analytics
Management Information Systems
Project Management
Operations Management
Engineering Courses
Systems Engineering and Analysis
Lean Manufacturing
Supply Chain Management
Enterprise Engineering
Supply Chain Analytics

Entrepreneurship and Innovation

This certificate is aimed at providing students the knowledge base in entrepreneurship to undertake moving technological expertise or high potential business ideas through the start-up of high-growth businesses. The courses are designed to provide extensive conceptual and applied know-how and expertise to students interested in entrepreneurship. This program requires the completion of four of the following 3-credit-hour courses. There are no prerequisite courses for the certificate program.

Select four of the following:12
Growing and Managing an Entrepreneurial Firm
Special Topics in Entrepreneurship
Technology Entrepreneurship
Seminar in New Product and Technology Development
Entrepreneurial Finance Seminar
Entrepreneurship, Creativity & Innovation
Seminar Special Topics
Total Credit Hours12