Master of Science in Global Supply Chain Management

The Master of Science degree in global supply chain management (GSCM) is an interdisciplinary program collaboratively offered by the Barton School of Business and the College of Engineering. The program targets a wide range of diverse domestic and international applicants. The supply chain curriculum is designed in a manner that students will acquire mastery in the managerial and analytics aspects of supply chain operations and develop contemporary competencies via innovative hands-on activities and industry practices.

The Master of Science in global supply chain management offers two tracks:

  1. Management track focuses on developing capabilities and mastery leading to value creation in global management of procurement, logistics, and operations.
  2. Analytics track aims to build capabilities in the use of innovative tools and techniques in decision-making processes from design to planning phases.

Students will be able to earn a master's degree in global supply chain management in one of three ways:

  • 24 credit hours of coursework and a thesis; or
  • 33 credit hours of coursework; or
  • 30 credit hours of coursework and a project.

Each student will be required to take:

Select 15 credit hours of core courses15
Select 9 credit hours of coursework from either the management or analytics tracks9
If completing the thesis or project option, select an advisor as a guide for research