Graduate Credit for Undergraduates (Senior Rule)

Senior Rule Admission

Seniors at Wichita State University may qualify to take courses for graduate credit under Senior Rule (senior rule). Students may earn no more than 12 credit hours through senior rule. Students must submit a senior rule enrollment form each semester and a maximum of two semesters of senior rule may be completed. Only those courses designated on the senior rule enrollment form will be awarded graduate credit.

Courses completed for undergraduate credit may not be changed to graduate credit. Courses taken for graduate credit cannot be used to complete undergraduate degree requirements; courses completed through senior rule will remain graduate courses.

Approval is required from the student’s undergraduate major department, graduate program in which the course(s) will be taken, and the Graduate School. The undergraduate major department, graduate program or the Graduate School may disallow a student’s enrollment under this policy.

Tuition for graduate courses will be assessed at the graduate rate. Students who fail to maintain a cumulative 3.000 GPA in their graduate coursework will be placed on academic probation when they begin a graduate program; in addition, they will not be approved to complete future courses under this policy.

Students who are receiving federal financial aid should consult with a financial aid advisor to determine if taking graduate level coursework while an undergraduate student will impact their financial aid award. Students enrolled through Senior Rule are not considered graduate students.