Academic Progress, Recognition and Honors

Academic Recognition

In all colleges, honors criteria are established for Wichita State students by the university and apply equally to all students, whether or not they are in the Dorothy and Bill Cohen Honors College.

The Dean’s Honor Roll is determined each semester and is composed of students enrolled in 12 or more credit hours of graded work who achieve a grade point average of 3.500 or higher for the semester.

Students enrolled in 6–11 credit hours of graded work per semester who achieve a grade point average of 3.500 or higher for the semester will receive Academic Commendation.

See Academic Distinction for information about degrees conferred with academic distinction.

Academic honors are not awarded to students with a grade of I, IP or NGS on a course within the designated term. Earned honors will be added to the student record when a grade change is submitted by the instructor of record.

Departmental/University Honors

Some departments at WSU offer students the opportunity to receive departmental honors through their major. Departmental honors tracks are currently offered in the following: aerospace engineering, communication, communication sciences and disorders, modern and classical languages and literatures, mathematics, political science, and psychology.

To enroll as a candidate for departmental honors, a student must have junior standing and an overall grade point average of 3.250 (higher if department requirements so specify).

Departmental honors tracks consist of at least 12 credit hours of upper-division coursework, including a senior thesis, senior project, senior recital, or equivalent capstone experience. Each department or college specifies requirements for satisfactory completion of the honors track, but a minimum grade point average of 3.500 for work in the honors track is required.

Students who complete all requirements for departmental honors receive a diploma designation. Up to 3 honors credit hours counted toward the student’s major may be counted toward the minor in university honors. For current information about departmental honors requirements, check individual department information in the Undergraduate Catalog.

Dorothy and Bill Cohen Honors College

High-achieving high school students and current WSU students may apply to join the Dorothy and Bill Cohen Honors College and work toward an honors transcript or diploma distinction.

Most honors students start with the Emory Lindquist Honors Scholar track and take one honors general education course, a research seminar, and any 6 additional honors credit hours to earn an honors transcript distinction; continuing and transfer students may choose to pursue a 12-credit hour interdisciplinary track such as leadership or law; students earn the University Honors Minor diploma distinction by completing the requirements for Emory Lindquist Honors Scholars and requirements for an interdisciplinary track; or, a student may design a course of study and work closely with faculty mentors to earn the interdisciplinary Honors Baccalaureate degree.

Additional information about admission and curriculum is available in the Dorothy and Bill Cohen Honors College section of the Undergraduate Catalog or online (