Intra-University Transfers, Probation, Dismissal, Withdrawal

Transfers Within the University

Students may transfer from any undergraduate degree-granting college to another provided they meet, at a minimum, the admission requirements of the second college. Students on academic probation who seek to change major to another academic college must seek the assistance of an advisor in that college.

For specific information about probation standards and admission requirements of individual degree-granting colleges, refer to the individual college sections of the catalog.

Academic Probation and Dismissal Standards

Specific regulations governing probation and dismissal standards are established by each college at Wichita State and are given in the introductory statements in the individual college sections of the catalog. Students should consult the appropriate section of the WSU Undergraduate Catalog for these standards.


Because 2.000 (a grade of C) is the minimum grade point average required for graduation from Wichita State, students are formally placed (or continued) on probation at the conclusion of every semester in which their institutional or overall grade point average falls below 2.000, except as noted below. If the college in which students are enrolled has a higher graduation requirement, students may be placed on probation whenever their institutional or overall grade point average falls below the college’s specified level.

Students admitted in good standing will be placed on probation when they have attempted 6 credit hours and their institutional or overall grade point average falls below 2.000. Attempted hours are defined as all hours appearing on the transcript with a grade of A, B, C, D, F, Cr, NCr, I, IP, S, U, Bg or NBg.

Transfer students admitted on probation must complete at least 12 credit hours at Wichita State with a minimum 2.000 institutional and overall average before probation may be removed.

A student on academic probation is limited to a maximum enrollment of 14 credit hours in the fall and spring semesters.

Probation is removed when both the institutional and overall grade point averages reach the 2.000 level.


Dismissal standards are set by the various colleges of Wichita State in conformance with the following policy:

Students will not be dismissed if their semester grade point average equals the minimum graduation level of their college. They will remain on probation as long as their institutional or overall grade point average is below the minimum university or college graduation standard and their semester grade point average meets the minimum college standard.

Students will be dismissed at the end of a semester on probation if they fail to earn a semester grade point average at or above the minimum required, and have an institutional or overall grade point average below the minimum required. Students are not academically dismissed at the end of a semester unless they began that semester on academic probation.

Dismissal from a college because of poor academic performance constitutes dismissal from the university. Nonetheless, a dismissed student whose grade point average qualifies him or her for admission to another college at WSU may apply to the exceptions committee of that college.


Voluntary Withdrawal

Students encountering special problems during a semester may voluntarily withdraw from their classes during the first 10 weeks of a regular semester or the first five weeks of an eight-week summer session and have a W recorded for the course(s). After the official withdrawal deadline (which is posted in the semester calendar each semester), students may withdraw from one or more courses with a W only if they petition the deans of their colleges and if their petitions are approved. Any approved late withdrawal results in a W on the academic record/transcript. Without that approval, a late withdrawal is considered an F.  Course expungement (removal from transcript) is not allowed.

Students are advised to consult with their course instructors and academic advisor before initiating withdrawal procedures. Procedures for withdrawing from a class can be acquired from the student’s college or school office or the registrar’s office in Jardine Hall.

Administrative Withdrawal

Administrative withdrawal from courses may be initiated by the dean’s office of the college or school in which a student is enrolled, the provost’s office, or other appropriate university offices when a student is unable to complete courses because of extenuating circumstances. A grade of W will be officially recorded on the student’s permanent record for a course or courses from which the student is administratively withdrawn.