Graduate Credit for Undergraduates (Senior Rule)

Senior Rule Admission

Seniors at Wichita State or neighboring bachelor’s-degree-granting institutions may qualify to take work for graduate credit under the senior rule option. Students who wish to earn graduate credit under the senior rule option must apply to the Graduate School for graduate admission and also complete an Application for Senior Rule. The link for the online Graduate School application, as well as the senior rule form itself, are available on the Graduate School’s website. Both the application for admission and the senior rule form are due in the Graduate School no later than two weeks before the semester in which the student intends to enroll under the senior rule option. Students planning to earn senior rule credit for more than one semester must submit a new Application for Senior Rule form each semester. Courses taken at the 500–700 level that are not identified on the Application for Senior Rule form as being intended for graduate credit will be awarded as undergraduate credit. 

Approval is needed from the student’s major advisor, the chairperson or graduate coordinator in the program in which the work is to be taken, and the dean of the Graduate School. In addition, students from other institutions must be admitted as undergraduates (possibly as guest students) through the WSU undergraduate admissions office. Tuition for graduate courses will be assessed at the graduate rate.

Students should meet with their advisor to create a plan for completing the undergraduate degree while taking additional graduate credit. Courses taken for graduate credit cannot be used to complete undergraduate degree requirements. Students must maintain a 3.000 GPA in all courses approved for Graduate credit under the senior rule policy. Students who fail to maintain a 3.000 will be placed on academic probation when they begin their graduate program. Students placed on academic probation may not be eligible for federally-funded financial aid. If a student does not complete their bachelor’s degree, the graduate credit may revert back to undergraduate credit.   

Students who are receiving federal financial aid should consult with a financial aid advisor to determine if taking graduate level coursework while an undergraduate student will impact their financial aid award.