Grade Changes, Appeals

Change of Grades

Changes of grade due to errors in grading or reporting may be initiated by an instructor at any time during one calendar year following the assignment of the original grade. A grade change also may be initiated by the chairperson of the department that offered the course if, and only if, the instructor is not in residence.

An instructor who wishes to request a change in a grade assigned more than one year earlier may petition his or her college’s committee on exceptions. If this committee approves a change in grade, the instructor and department chairperson must be informed by the committee before its recommendation is transmitted to the registrar’s office and the grade change entered on the student’s transcript.

This change of grade policy does not affect the right of the student to appeal to the Court of Student Academic Appeals. However, the court will ordinarily not hear cases involving grades assigned more than one semester prior to the time of appeal.

In cases where failing grades have been recorded because a student was unable to withdraw officially, the student may petition the exceptions committee of his or her college for a late withdrawal from all courses in the semester in question. The student must provide verifiable evidence of the causes for failing to withdraw properly. The petition will also be submitted to the University Admission and Exceptions Committee. If the petition is granted, the grades are changed to W through the usual withdrawal procedure. The policy applies to all courses in a semester and can be invoked only for Wichita State University courses.

This change of grade policy may not be applied after graduation to courses attempted prior to graduation.

Court of Student Academic Appeals

The faculty at Wichita State has established a procedure to resolve disputes arising out of the classroom through the Court of Student Academic Appeals. The court hears appeals from students who believe they have been treated unfairly in grading. The court is designed to help resolve differences that cannot be settled within the framework of the student-faculty relationship and offers an important safeguard for students.

The student must file an appeal within one semester after the grade is assigned (excluding summer). The court may waive the time limit if documented and verifiable exceptional circumstances cause a delay in submitting the appeal.

Any student may use the appeals procedure. Forms are available in the Office of the Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs, 109 Morrison Hall. The general procedure is explained to students when they pick up the form.

Appeals for academic misconduct are handled through the Student Academic Integrity process. For more information see section 2.17 of the WSU Policies and Procedures Manual (