Transition Semester, Academic Forgiveness

Transition Semester

To accommodate students in their adjustment to college standards, they may be eligible for a special transition semester. The transition semester is a student’s first regular semester at Wichita State regardless of the number of credit hours attempted (summer session excluded). Students who have enrolled at another institution of higher learning in a regular term (summer session excluded) before enrolling at Wichita State are not eligible for a transition semester at WSU.

The processing of a transition semester results in grades of A, B and C being changed to Credit (Cr), and grades of D and F being changed to No Credit (NCr). These designations have no impact on the student’s grade point average. College-level courses (numbered 100 and above) with a grade of Cr may count toward graduation.

Students must meet the following requirements to be granted a transition semester:

  1. The grade point average for their first regular semester must be below 2.000;
  2. Their next semester of enrollment must be at WSU and they must complete at least 6 graded hours with a 2.000 or higher grade point average. Graded hours do not include courses taken for Audit (Au), Credit (Cr), Satisfactory (S) or Badge (Bg); and
  3. By the end of their fourth regular semester (fall or spring), students must complete a form in their college/advising center office requesting a transition semester.

Students who fail to meet these requirements will not be awarded a transition semester and will be subject to the appropriate probation or dismissal standards. Eligibility for transition semester may not be petitioned to the university exceptions committee.

Academic Forgiveness

Students who have accumulated a grade point average of less than 2.000 may petition the dean of his or her college and the college exceptions committee to be admitted to a degree program with all previous college credit and grade point average waived.

To qualify, petitioners must be at least 25 years old, must have been out of a degree program of college studies for at least four years, and must demonstrate ability to progress in college work.

If the petition is approved, all prior college courses and grades are recorded on the transcript, followed by the notation admitted without credits or grades by committee action. No exceptions to the above qualifications may be considered/approved.

The policy may be applied to Wichita State University enrollment as well as to work at other colleges. When implemented, the policy waives all previous credits and grades except in the case of credits and grades earned in the nondegree-bound status under WSU's open admission policy.