Exchange and Study Abroad Programs

National Student Exchange

The National Student Exchange (NSE) is an exciting opportunity to attend one of nearly 200 colleges and universities across the country while paying regular WSU tuition. Costs of room, board and books are paid at the host campus. Students continue to have financial aid information sent to WSU. Most financial aid and scholarships will still be applicable; student aid must first be applied to WSU tuition, and the balance can be taken to pay costs at the host campus.

The program is open to undergraduate, domestic students who are:

  1. Enrolled in at least 9 credit hours at WSU at the time of application to NSE as well as in the semester prior to exchange; and
  2. Have a 2.500 overall grade point average at the time of application and at completion of the semester prior to exchange.

Students should apply for the program during the fall before the year they want to exchange.

Prior to the exchange, students and their academic advisors complete an advising agreement. Students receive full credit for work satisfactorily completed on exchange.

For more information, call the NSE coordinator at 316-978-6697, or visit the Dorothy and Bill Cohen Honors College in Shocker Hall, Building A.

Study Abroad Programs

Wichita State University provides a range of options for students interested in studying overseas, from its own programs taught by WSU faculty, to consortia with which WSU participates, to exchange programs.

WSU students who wish to study abroad can find a variety of study abroad programs in the Study Abroad office on the second floor of the James Sutherland Garvey International Center.

The university offers exchange programs in about 10 countries. Several WSU departments occasionally offer courses in other countries and publicize them appropriately. The university is a member of the MAUI Consortium. Students may also use the National Student Exchange program to participate in overseas study programs sponsored by those American universities.

The department of modern and classical languages and literatures offers organized study abroad programs in Mexico and France, described as follows:

Exchange Program with the University of Orléans

Wichita State University has a special exchange program with Wichita’s French sister city, Orléans. Through this exchange program, students pay their tuition and fees at WSU and do academic work in their chosen field at the Université d’Orléans. Orléans also offers a four-week summer program in which students may earn up to 6 hours of credit transferable to WSU. Students pay their fees directly to Orléans when enrolled in the summer program. For more information, contact the department of modern and classical languages and literatures, 305 Jardine Hall.

Spanish Program in Puebla, Mexico

The department of modern and classical languages and literatures offers a faculty-led program designed to broaden students’ comprehension of the language, customs, history and culture of Mexico.

Students who complete the six-week course may earn 6 hours of undergraduate or graduate credit. For more information, contact the department of modern and classical languages and literatures, 305 Jardine Hall.

Midwest Student Exchange Program (MSEP)

Residents of specified states who enroll in selected majors at WSU are eligible to pay just 150 percent of in-state tuition instead of paying out-of-state tuition rates. This is a tuition discounting program, not a scholarship.

At WSU, the eligibility criteria for undergraduate student participation in the Midwest Student Exchange Program are:

  1. Must complete the precollege curriculum prescribed by the Kansas Board of Regents, with a minimum grade point average of 2.500 on a 4.000 scale, which includes four units of English and math and three units of social sciences and natural sciences; and
  2. Must earn a composite American College Testing program (ACT) score of not less than 21 points or a SAT score of not less than 980 points; and
  3. Must enroll as a full-time student in a degree-bound eligible major, and make acceptable progress toward the degree; and
  4. Must be a resident of Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, North Dakota, Ohio or Wisconsin.

If a student satisfies these criteria, as verified by an eight-semester high school transcript submitted to WSU, they will be sent an MSEP agreement. Fee bills will reflect MSEP tuition rates only after the agreement is signed and returned. MSEP participation must begin at the time of first admission and enrollment at WSU.

See the MSEP program website ( for contact information and the most up-to-date list of eligible majors.