BA in Physical Education: Prek-12

Program Requirements

General requirement for the bachelors: 120 minimum credit hours; overall GPA 2.500; major GPA 2.500

Course Title Hours
Content courses to be completed before beginning Core I
HPS 111Foundations in Physical Education3
HPS 202Individual Sports2
HPS 203Adventure Sports2
HPS 204Movement Concepts2
HPS 205Team Sports2
HPS 229Applied Human Anatomy3
HPS 317CPR/AED/First Aid for the Professional Rescuer2
Prerequisite for entrance into Teacher Education
CI 270Introduction to the Education Profession 13
Select 2 credit hours of electives HPS107A - Swimming, is recommended2
Courses that may be taken with Cores I and II
HPS 306Water Safety Instructor2
HPS 328Biomechanics of Human Movement3
HPS 329Health and Wellness Concepts for PreK-12 Teacher Education2
HPS 331Care and Prevention of Athletic Injuries3
HPS 490Physiology of Exercise3
Teacher Education Cores I, II and III
CESP 334Introduction to Diversity: Human Growth and Development 23
CI 321Introduction to Diversity: Cultural Issues2
HPS 360Adapted Physical Education2
CI 311Introduction to Diversity: Field Experience1
HPS 300Rhythmic Activities in PreK-12 Physical Education2
HPS 310Organization and Administration of Physical Education Program3
HPS 311ISAM: Physical Education in Secondary Grades 6-12 13
HPS 312ISAM: Preteaching Internship: Physical Education-Secondary 11
HPS 324ISAM: Physical Education in Elementary Grades PreK–5 13
HPS 325ISAM: Preteaching Internship: Physical Education-Elementary 11
HPS 334Assessment and Technology for PreK-12 Physical Education3
HPS 402Health Education for the Physical Educator2
CI 317Literacy Strategies in the Content Areas2
CESP 433Learning Assessment and Evaluation Theory: Evidence-Based Instruction3
CI 427Philosophy, History and Ethics of Education3
HPS 471Teaching Internship - Physical Education - Secondary 16
HPS 472Teaching Internship - Physical Education - Elementary 16
HPS 473Teaching Internship Seminar - Physical Education 11
Total Credit Hours81


Licensure requirements include completion of the PRAXIS content knowledge test, the PLT, and the successful completion of the KPTP.

Applied Learning

Students in the Bachelor of Arts in physical education PreK –12 program are required to complete an applied learning or research experience to graduate from this program. The requirement can be met by successfully completing HPS 471 Teaching Internship - Physical Education - Secondary.