BA in Exercise Science

Program Requirements

Graduation grade point average requirements for exercise science majors:

The candidate for a degree in exercise science must attain a 2.000 grade point average in each of the following categories:

  • all college and university work attempted (cumulative grade point average);
  • all work attempted at WSU (WSU grade point average); and
  • all work in exercise science.

Students are not allowed credit toward graduation for D work in excess of one-quarter of their total hours.

The BA in exercise science requires a minimum of 120 total credit hours including the following:

Required Courses
PHYS 213General College Physics I5
CHEM 103Introductory Chemistry5
HPS 113Introduction Exercise Science3
HPS 229Applied Human Anatomy 13
HPS 317CPR/AED/First Aid for the Professional Rescuer2
HPS 302Administration in Exercise Science3
HPS 328Kinesiology - Biomechanics 23
HPS 313Exercise & Sport Nutrition3
HPS 331Care and Prevention of Athletic Injuries3
HPS 440Concepts in the Prescription of Exercise3
HPS 460Motor Learning3
HPS 470Fitness Practicum3
HPS 490Physiology of Exercise3
HPS 495Internship in Exercise Science8
HPS 541Strength Training and Conditioning3
HPS 762Statistical Concepts in Human Performance Studies 33
Total Credit Hours56

Applied Learning

Students in the Bachelor of Arts in exercise science program are required to complete an applied learning or research experience to graduate from this program. The requirement can be met by successfully completing HPS 495 Internship in Exercise Science.