BSET in Engineering Technology - Concentration in Cybersecurity

All courses with an ENGT prefix require that the prerequisite courses (if applicable) are passed with a C- or better grade (1.700/4.000 grade point average). 

Course Title Hours
Foundation & General Ed. Courses
COMM 111Public Speaking3
ENGL 101College English I3
or ENGL 100 English Composition
ENGL 102College English II3
PHIL 385Engineering Ethics 13
WSUE 102AFirst-Year Seminar: Introduction to Technology and Innovation3
Fine arts, social/behavioral sciences & humanities 212
Mathematics/Natural Sciences
CHEM 211General Chemistry I5
or PHYS 214 General College Physics II
MATH 242Calculus I5
MATH 243Calculus II5
PHYS 213General College Physics I5
Engineering Technology Core 3
CS 211Introduction to Programming 44
or MIS 310 Fundamentals of Business Application Development
ENGT 201Introduction to Engineering Technology1
ENGT 312Applied Statics3
ENGT 354Statistical Process Control3
ENGT 401Senior Project I3
ENGT 402Senior Project II3
IME 222Engineering Graphics2
IME 222LGraphics Lab1
IME 255Engineering Economy3
IME 258Manufacturing Methods and Materials I3
Engineer of 2020 program
Completion of the Engineer of 2020 program 5
Total Credit Hours73

Note: Students under the mechatronics concentration will take ENGT 313 to satisfy prerequisite requirements for ENGT 348.

Course Title Hours
Required Courses for the Concentration 1
ACCT 210Financial Accounting3
ACCT 220Managerial Accounting3
BLAW 431Legal Environment of Business3
ECON 232Statistical Software Applications for Business1
ENGT 501Cyber Operations4
ENGT 601Digital Forensics3
ENGT 602Cyber Physical Systems4
ENGT 611Cyber Risk Management3
ENGT 612Secure Web Development3
MIS 600Database Management Systems3
MIS 605Systems Analysis and Design3
MIS 611Topics in Computer Networking3
MIS 696Management of the IS Function3
Technical Electives
Select 8 credit hours of technical electives preapproved by a faculty advisor. Students taking MIS 310 as part of the core courses will need 9 credit hours of technical electives. Please refer to the engineering technology (ET) website or consult with your ET advisor for current list of technical electives. 28
Total Credit Hours47

Applied Learning

Students in engineering technology programs are required to complete an applied learning or research experience to graduate from the programs. The requirement can be met by completing the two-course capstone design experience consisting of ENGT 401 and ENGT 402.

MIS Minor

Students interested in the MIS minor must take MIS 325 and MIS 395. One of the two will also be counted as a technical elective toward this concentration. At least 9 credit hours of the MIS courses (MIS 310, MIS 325, MIS 395, MIS 600, MIS 605 and MIS 611) must be taken at WSU with a minor GPA of 2.250 or better.