BS in Manufacturing Engineering

Sequence of Courses

The BS in Manufacturing Engineering (BSEMF) program requires the completion of 134 credit hours for graduation, minus hours commensurate with advanced placement credit. Students may select 12 credit hours of technical electives to emphasize the study of advanced engineering concepts and topics in other engineering disciplines that impact design and processing. Selection of appropriate courses allows students to tailor their studies to fit their individual interests and needs. Students’ programs of study are determined in consultation with their faculty advisors.

Specific requirements for the manufacturing engineering program are given below.

Foundation Courses
ENGL 101College English I3
or ENGL 100 English Composition
ENGL 102College English II3
COMM 111Public Speaking3
PHIL 385Engineering Ethics3
Other fine arts/humanities & social/behavioral sciences courses 115
Mathematics/Natural Sciences
MATH 242Calculus I5
MATH 243Calculus II5
MATH 344Calculus III3
MATH 555Differential Equations I3
PHYS 313Physics for Scientists I4
PHYS 314Physics for Scientists II4
CHEM 211General Chemistry I5
IME 254Engineering Probability and Statistics I3
Engineering Core Courses
AE 223Statics3
EE 282Circuits I4
IME 255Engineering Economy3
ME 398Thermodynamics I3
Materials and Design
IME 222Engineering Graphics2
IME 222LGraphics Lab1
ME 250
ME 251
Materials Engineering
and Materials Engineering Laboratory
ME 325Numerical Methods for Engineers3
AE 333Mechanics of Materials3
ME 439Mechanical Engineering Design I3
ME 672Manufacturing of Composites3
ME 639Applications of Finite Element Methods in Mechanical Engineering3
ME 665Selection of Materials for Design and Manufacturing3
IME 258Manufacturing Methods and Materials I3
IME 524Engineering Probability and Statistics II3
IME 553Production Systems3
IME 554Statistical Quality Control3
IME 558Manufacturing Methods and Materials II4
IME 664Engineering Management3
IME 676Aircraft Manufacturing and Assembly3
IME 590Industrial Engineering Design I3
Technical Electives
Technical Electives 12
Total Credit Hours134

Refer to graduation requirements at the beginning of this section for details.