University and Student Support Areas

Alumni Association

Courtney M. Marshall, president and CEO

The WSU Alumni Association is the oldest and largest support organization for Wichita State University. Founded in 1913, the alumni association is the network through which the university community and its alumni communicate with and serve one another. The primary intent of the partnership between the association and the university is to ensure the continued excellence of Wichita State. But this serious mission certainly doesn’t mean the association isn’t serious about fun, too. Scores of exciting Shocker opportunities to participate in fun programs and events prove this point every semester.

Many traditional university events — including commencement and homecoming — are supported by association dollars or volunteers. The association also sponsors Shockers Forever, a dynamic student group. Shockers Forever provides students unequaled opportunities to network with fellow students and WSU alumni of all ages. Another WSU initiative that directly benefits students and relies on alumni participation for its success is the Drive Your Pride license plate program. This program offers alumni and students the chance to sport WuShock on their official Kansas tags, and at the same time, contribute to student scholarships. The tag program pours thousands of dollars each year into scholarships for deserving students.

For more information about the groups, events, projects and publications of the WSU Alumni Association, visit the association online (, call 316-978-3290, or drop by the Woodman Alumni Center, 4205 E. 21st Street, just east of Eck Stadium/Tyler Field.

Career Development Center

WSU’s full-service career center!

Nail the resume, land the interview and prepare for the job with the Career Development Center. Build marketable skills and gain professional work experience before and after graduation through targeted internships, one-on-one counseling, special workshops, career fairs and more. Now is the time to develop the right habits and skills for a lifetime of professional success.

Need help choosing a major? No problem! The Career Development Center understands that deciding on a major isn’t always easy — and sometimes it’s downright hard. That’s why the center provides every student the perfect environment to explore their interests, discover their options and create a blueprint for success.

WSU students also have access to the one of the best cooperative education and internship programs. WSU students can earn work experience, college credit and a paycheck — all while bolstering their resumes and getting a leg up on the competition. Get started today by calling 316-978-3688, visit online (, or visit in person at the center's main office in Brennan III, or one of the center's satellite locations in CE 258, CH 023A or WH 300.

WSU Foundation

Elizabeth H. King, president and CEO

The WSU Foundation, the private fund-raising organization of the university, strives to enhance a community of learning excellence for students and faculty through philanthropy and stewardship. Private contributions are necessary to support the programs and vision of the university beyond current funding from fees, tuition and government monies.

Gifts of cash, stock, real estate and in-kind gifts are coordinated through the foundation. Planned gifts, most commonly established through a donor’s estate or retirement plan set up to benefit the university, also are coordinated through the foundation.

Each year, millions of dollars are given to university programs from endowed funds of the foundation. Much of that is in the form of scholarships to undergraduate and graduate students. The remainder funds projects such as faculty support, research, Ablah Library and the Ulrich Museum of Art.

For more information, contact 316-978-3040 or the foundation website ( where contributions can be made online.