BS in Homeland Security

The 120-credit-hour Bachelor of Science in homeland security is designed to provide preservice and inservice students with a broad educational background in all aspects of the homeland security field. The BS in homeland security is a four-year course of study grounded in the liberal arts and sciences, along with a core homeland security curriculum. The Bachelor of Science degree program is described below.

WSU General Education Program

Basic Skills (12 credit hours required with a C or better in each)
ENGL 101College English I3
ENGL 102College English II3
COMM 111Public Speaking3
MATH 111College Algebra3
Humanities and Fine Arts Courses12
Social and Behavioral Sciences Courses9
Mathematics and Natural Sciences9
Total Credit Hours42

Note: See General Education Program for specific program details and acceptable courses.

Major Requirements

The major in homeland security consists of at least 36 credit hours in the major (but not more than 50 credit hours will count toward the BS degree). ENGL 210 is an additional requirement. Students must also satisfy Fairmount College requirements (including the foreign language requirement) and the university requirements for the Bachelor of Science degree. Students must complete 33 credit hours of core courses and 3 credit hours of electives1. Students may take 14 additional credit hours beyond the 36 credit hours required for the major (for a total of 50 credit hours).

Students should check with the program director for updated homeland security requirements and courses.