BS in Criminal Justice

The major in criminal justice consists of at least 36 credit hours (but not more than 50 credit hours will count toward the BS degree).  ENGL 210 and CJ 360 are additional requirements. Students must also satisfy Fairmount College of Liberal Arts and Sciences requirements (including the foreign language requirement) and the university requirements for the Bachelor of Science degree.

Course Title Hours
Core Courses
CJ 191Introduction to Criminal Justice3
CJ 315Criminal Law3
CJ 320Criminal Procedure3
CJ 391Corrections3
CJ 392Law Enforcement3
CJ 394Courts & Judicial Systems3
CJ 407Introduction to Research Methods3
CJ 593Crime Causation and Criminal Justice Policy3
CJ 598Contemporary Issues in Criminal Justice3
Select 9 credit hours of electives (there is a maximum of 6 credit hours total allowed in CJ 481 and CJ 483)9
Total Credit Hours36
Course Title Hours
Additional College Requirements
SPAN 212Spanish for Law Enforcement (required for CJ students to fulfil the LAS foreign language requirement)5
Total Credit Hours5

Students may take 14 additional credit hours beyond the 36 hours required for the major (for a total of 50 hours).