BA in English Teaching - Secondary Schools

The major in either Fairmount College or the College of Education consists of 33 credit hours of content courses distributed as follows:

ENGL 315Introduction to English Linguistics3
ENGL 317History of the English Language3
ENGL 680Theory and Practice in Composition3
ENGL 322Origins of Western Literature3
or ENGL 323 World Literature
ENGL 310Nature of Poetry3
ENGL 330The Nature of Fiction3
ENGL 340Shakespeare3
or ENGL 515 Studies in Shakespeare
ENGL 346American Multicultural Literature3
or ENGL 365 African-American Literature
ENGL 360Major British Writers I3
or ENGL 361 Major British Writers II
ENGL 362Major American Writers I3
ENGL 363Major American Writers II3
Total Credit Hours33