Administrative and Special Fees

Certain other fees are assessed as indicated below.

Undergraduate Admission Application Fee—Initial Enrollment $40/person
Domestic Undergraduate Students $50/person
Junior Day $15/person
Senior Day $15/person
Open House $15/person
WSU Visit Day $15/person
Major Exploration Day $15/person
Admissions Program Guest Fees $5/person/program (includes guests for Junior Day, Senior Day and Open House)
Future Shocker Camp $15/person
Student Ambassador Society Leadership Conference $15/person
Shocker Honors Scholar Banquet (for more than one guest) $10/person/program
Graduate School:
Graduate Admission Application or Reapplication Fee $50/person
Graduate Express Mailing Fee $60/person
Graduate Fee to Process Application for Degree/Hooding Ceremony $15/application
Graduate School Thesis or Dissertation Fee $40/person
Intensive English & International Student Basic Service Application Fee $75/person
Intensive English & International Student Standard Service Application Fee $150/person
Intensive English & International Student Premium Service Application Fee $250/person
Intensive English Conversation Class (Relative) $25/person
Intensive English Conversation Class (Nonrelative) $35/person
Intensive English Learning Center (IELC) Enrichment Class $35/person
Certification Letters for Intensive English Students $10/letter
International Pronunciation Class $35/person
Intensive English Library Book Fine $20/book
Intensive English Textbook Fine $40/book
International Enrollment Deposit $7,000/person1
International Student Enrollment Fee $200/person (one time upon admission)
International Graduate Student Application/Reapplication Fee $65/person
International Student Orientation Fee (Undergraduate and Graduate) $50/person
International EPE Testing Fee $75/person
International TSE Testing Fee $75/person
International TSE Reschedule Testing Fee $10/person
International Glacier Tax Prep. $2/person (Federal Income Tax for International Students)
International Express Mail Fee $60/person
International Domestic Express Mail Fee $20/person
National Student Exchange Program Application Fee $200/person
Copies of Public Documents:
1. Public Records in Print:
a. Access to public records in print.
$20/hour 2
b. Copying
2. Public Records in Computer Files:
a. Access to public record(s) stored on computer files that can be accomplished using retrieval software already available and without software modifications
b. Access to public record(s) stored on computer files that requires custom programming time to retrieve and process
Diploma Replacement Fee $30/copy
Diploma Cover Replacement Fee $5/copy
Transcript/Certification Fee $10/copy
Transcript—Fax $5/transcript
International FEDEX $40/FEDEX
Next Day Delivery, USA $15/mailing
Priority Mail, USA $7/mailing
Notarized Certified True Copies $10/copy
Foreign Transcripts $2/page
Testing and Credit by Examination Fee:
LAS Credit for Life Experience Fee
$15/credit hour
Credit by Examination and Retroactive Credit Fees
$15/credit hour
Make-up Examination Fee

 The deposit will be used to pay for the student's tuition, fees, on-campus housing, and medical insurance after the student has enrolled. If the student fails to enroll, the enrollment deposit is not refundable unless the student cancels his or her admission and returns his or her unused Form I-20 to the Office of International Education.


There is no charge for requesting less than 30 minutes of staff time to obtain

Library Fees

Library Fine Schedule

4 Week Materials $0.25/day ($10 maximum per item)1
Periodicals $0.50/day ($10 maximum per item)
Reserve Fine (1, 3, 7-day check-outs) $0.50/day ($10 maximum per item)
Reserve Fine (Library use only) $0.60/hour ($10 maximum per item)
Equipment Fine (laptops and iPads) $10/hour ($120 maximum)
Recall Fine $1/day ($40 maximum per item)
Textbook Fine $0.10/minute ($100 maximum per item)
Peripheral Item Fine $5 (assessed to the patron if items such as study room keys, headphones, chargers, calculators and projectors are not returned by the time the library closes)

There is a five day grace period for four-week materials. On the sixth day, $1.50 is applied to the account.

If total fines remain under $3 during a semester, the fines will be dropped at the end of that semester. If fines exceed $25 during a semester, the library patron is eligible for a one-time only reduction in fines back to the $25 level.

Damaged Items

Damage charges vary depending upon the cost needed to repair the item. Patrons are responsible for repair costs associated with items damaged while charged to their accounts. A minimum of $3 will be charged for each damaged item. The cost of repairs will not exceed the replacement cost plus processing cost of the item.

Lost Item Charges

Lost Item Processing Fee $15
Lost Item Charges Replacement Cost plus a $15.00 processing fee1
Min. Lost Charge for Irreplaceable Item $2652

Replacement cost is determined through researching the title, author, edition, ISBN#, subject area or equipment costs from sources such as the following: Amazon, Alibris, or Abe Books. Patrons are allowed to submit their own replacement copies for approval. If approved, they will then only be responsible for the processing fee.


$250.00 replacement fee plus a $15.00 processing fee.

Miscellaneous Charges

Printing and Photocopying
Black and White Copies
Color Copies
Microform Printing $0.10/copy
Scan on Demand Fee Schedule
1–20 pages
21–49 pages
50+ pages
Digital Images (Special Collections)
Stock Images
$10/image, $15 one-time setup fee applies
Newly Scanned Image

Counseling and Testing Center


First Appointment no charge
Appointments after 1st Appointment (Students and Faculty/Staff) $10/hour
Counseling No Show/Late Cancel Fee $5/per occurrence
Psychological Testing No Show/Late Cancel Fee $15/per occurrence

Rates for all tests administered by the Counseling and Testing Center for students, faculty/staff and the community are available at the center.


ACT Prep Workshop $32/workshop
ACT Math Prep Workshop $25/workshop
GRE Prep Workshop no charge
Make-up Exams $10/test
Distance Exam—Community $28/test
Distance Exam—WSU Student $10/test
Process Charge to WSU Student for Test Fee Refund
Certification Exam (0 to 4 hours) $35/test
Certification Exam (4 to 8 hours) $70/test
TEAS—Nursing $83/test
CLEP $28/test
DSST $28/test
Departmental Exams $20/credit hour
CBASE—one test section $29
CBASE —one section & writing $44
CBASE—two–four sections $44
CBASE—two–three sections & writing $56
CBASE—all test sections $70
CBASE Individual Administration Fee $25/person
Institutional ACT—group admin. $65/test
Institutional ACT—individual admin. $125/test
Institutional TOEFL $60/test
English Placement Test (does not include proctor fee) $10/test
Math Placement Test (does not include proctor fee) $4/test
Miller Analogies Test $100/test
Distance Proctoring Fees – ProctorU1
(0–30 min)
(31–60 min)
(61–120 min)
(121–180 min)

Additional charges apply for ProctorU session scheduled less than 72 hours in advance. Prices are subject to change. Distance proctoring fees are assessed directly to the student only upon use and are not part of the regular student fees. All proctoring fees at non-WSU sites (such as a testing center at a remote location, or ProctorU) are paid directly to distance proctoring site and are not paid to WSU. Contact the Counseling and Testing Center for more information.

Career Services

Current WSU Students no charge
WSU Alumni no charge
WSU Faculty/Staff no charge
Family Member of WSU Faculty/Staff no charge
Community $40/hour

Career Testing — Students and Nonstudents

Strong Interest Inventory $15
VISTA Card Sort no charge
Myers-Briggs Type Indicator $15
StrengthsFinder (On-Line Access Code) $15

Other Services

Credentials (Education Alumni) $5/mailing

Contracts and Compensatory Charges

The schedule does not limit the charges that may be collected under arrangements with other governmental or private agencies except that such arrangements may not provide for lesser charges. Tuition or other charges to more nearly cover the actual costs of instruction are specifically authorized.

No tuition is charged to students enrolled in instructional programs for which the entire cost, including faculty, is financed by governmental or private agencies. Students enrolled in such programs on campus must pay all required student fees.

Department Cost-Recovery Fees

All departmental charges for specific goods and services (i.e., photocopy, optional instructional materials, placement office user fees, building use fees, summer orientation sessions, academic transcripts, registration fees, etc.) not explicitly identified herein will be priced at an amount that approximates actual costs.

Student Health Services Fees

Certain fees for laboratory tests, inoculations, prescriptions, X-rays, physical examinations, and other procedures are charged to users of Student Health Services. These fees reflect direct charges to the university and every attempt is made to keep them below market cost. A list of specific charges is available at the Student Health Center.

Housing and Residence Life Fees

Housing rates at Wichita State University vary with the choice of facility and meal plan.

For more information about living on campus, room and meal plan options, application/contract questions, please contact Housing and Residence Life at (316) 978-3693, email us, or go to the Housing and Residence Life website.