Workshops, Off-Campus, Online, Auditing Course Fees

For-Credit and Noncredit Courses for Nondegree-Seeking Students

Concurrent High School Enrollment Tuition, $100/course

Badges (undergraduate and graduate), based on costs/badge

Market-Based Tuition Course, based on market/credit hourĀ 


For-Credit Workshops, based on resident tuition and fees/credit hour
Overhead Fee, $10.50/credit hour

Noncredit Workshops, based on costs/workshop
Parking Fee (for the first five days) if on-campus, $2/day

CATIA Workshops (regardless of location)

The laboratory fees for CATIA workshops are as follows:

1.5 Credit-Hour Workshops Tuition and Fees $800/workshop
1.75 Credit-Hour Workshops Tuition and Fees $400/workshop
Media Course/Telecourse Fee $20/credit hour

Auditing Course Fees

Tuition and fees per credit hour for courses and workshops audited are the same as for courses taken for credit.