Departmental or College Fees

Special departmental fees are charged as summarized as follows.

General College and Department

Study Abroad Program/Faculty-Led Fee actual cost
Study Abroad Program/not Faculty-Led Application Fee $30/person
Global Emergency Coverage for Study Abroad Programs actual cost

Students are required to reimburse the university for the cost of:

  1. Excess breakage and wastage of materials; and
  2. Materials used in excess of those required for completion of coursework.

W. Frank Barton School of Business

Program Fee $35/credit hour for all credits taken by undergraduate students and $50/credit hour for all credits taken by graduate students within the Barton School of Business
Semester Study Abroad (BADM 479, ENTR 690W) $100/person
Executive Master of Business Administration (EMBA) $38,0001/program includes tuition, textbooks, materials and other administrative fees
Master of Business Administration (MBA) Global Strategic Mgmt. (MGMT 885G) actual cost

College of Education

Early Childhood/Elementary Education Teacher Apprentice Program (TAP)

Tuition and Fees $220/credit hour

Counseling, Leadership, Educational and School Psychology (CLES)

Counseling, Education and School Psychology Courses (CESP 822, CESP 827, CESP 856, CESP 865, CESP 946, CESP 947, CESP 949, CESP 977; CLES 875 $30/credit hour
Test Materials Fee (CESP 854, CESP 855, CESP 858, CESP 934 $50/person
Counselor Preparation Comprehensive Fee $50/person
Comprehensive Exam Administration $25/person
Education Leadership Courses (EL 815, EL 825, EL 835, EL 845, EL 981, EL 982, EL 986, EL 987, EL 992) $30/credit hour

Curriculum and Instruction

Curriculum & Instruction Courses (CI 311, CI 315, CI 411A, CI 411B, CI 412E, CI 412J, CI 412M, CI 412S CI 413E, CI 413J, CI 413M, CI 413S, CI 426E, 426J, CI 426M, CI 426S, CI 437, CI 438, CI 439, CI 440, CI 447, CI 461E, CI 461J, CI 461M, CI 461S, CI 471E, CI 471J, CI 471M, CI 471S, CI 605, CI 606, CI 607, CI 608, CI 614I, CI 617P, CI 647A, CI 647B, CI 746 CI 747L, CI 749A, CI 749F, CI 749G, CI 814A, CI 815A, CI 816A, CI 817A, CI 818A, CI 819A, CI 820A, CI 821, CI 824, CI 825, CI 847A, CI 847IT, CI 847KG, CI 847P) $30/credit hour
Curriculum & Instruction Courses (CI 743, CI 744, CI 748, CI 749) $75/credit hour
Graduate Transcript Analysis Fee $30/analysis (first analysis is free)
Scoring of Kansas Performance Teaching Portfolio Exam (KPTP) $60/person
Student Teaching Courtesy Placement Fee $500/person
Out of Area Placement Fee $500/person

Human Performance Studies

Adventure Sports (HPS 203) $10/course
Bowling (HPS 102C) $65/course
CPR & First Aid Certification (HPS 117, HPS 317) (required by American Red Cross) $10/course
Horsemanship (HPS 102M) $150/course
Ice Skating (HPS 102O) $80/course
Pool/Billiards (HPS 101V) $35/course
Scuba Diving (HPS 107E) $60/course
Swimming (HPS 107A) $20/course
Taping and Bandaging (HPS 130) $100/course
Lab Fees (HPS 113, HPS 114, HPS 117, HPS 317, HPS 328, HPS 350, HPS 351, HPS 440, HPS 450, HPS 451, HPS 460, HPS 490) $30/credit hour
MEdLab Fees (HPS 541, HPS 715, HPS 732, HPS 740, HPS 762, HPS 780, HPS 781, HPS 790, HPS 795, HPS 797, HPS 800, HPS 815, HPS 830, HPS 860, HPS 890, HPS 895) $30/credit hour
MEdLab Fees (HPS 875, HPS 876) $100/credit hour
Field Experiences, Practicums and Internships (HPS 121, HPS 220, HPS 221, HPS 312, HPS 320, HPS 321, HPS 325, HPS 420, HPS 421, HPS 470, HPS 471, HPS 472, HPS 495, HPS 857) $30/credit hour

Sport Management (SMGT)

Sport Management Courses (SMGT 210, SMGT 447A SMGT 447B, SMGT 847) $25/credit hour

College of Engineering

Program Fee $50/credit hour for all credits taken by students in the College of Engineering
Engineering Study Abroad Fee actual cost
Myers Briggs Personality Test (ENGR 501) $45/person

College of Fine Arts

Course fee $24/credit hour for all courses in the College of Fine Arts
Practice Room Usage Fee $50/year ($25 is a refundable key deposit)
Locker Rental Fee $15/year
Lost Item Charges for Replaceable Music Items actual cost
Kodály Program Certification Fee $500/year (both credit and noncredit classes)
Canta in Italia Program Fee actual cost
Student Group Travel actual cost
Scoring of Kansas Performance Teaching Portfolio Exam (KPTP) (associated with MUSE 405 Student Teaching Seminar course) $60/person
Out of Area Placement Fee (MUSE 405 and ARTE 405) $500/person
Bachelor of Applied Arts (BAA)
Courses (MART 299, MART 399, MART 499) $1,000/course
MART 390 (3x, 1 cr.) $1,000/credit hour
Courses (MART 110, MART 111, MART 220, MART 222 MART 232, MART 260, MART 322, MART 325, MART 332, MART 350, MART 351, MART 352, MART 353, MART 357, MART 359, MART 365, MART 422, MART 424, MART 432, MART 540, MART 570, MART 571, MART 575) $500/course

College of Health Professions

Course fee $15/credit hour for all courses in the College of Health Professions

Advanced Education in General Dentistry

Application Fee $150/person
Program Fee $1,500/person (covers student liability insurance, scrubs, lab coats, supplies & continuing education)

Communication Sciences and Disorders

CSD Program Fee $50/credit hour for all credits taken by students within Communication Sciences and Disorders
MA—Communication Sciences and Disorders
Enrollment Fee
$150/person (one time, fall semester)
Clinic Fee
$50/person each semester
Doctor of Audiology
Enrollment Fee
$150/person (one time, fall semester)
Clinic Fee
$75/person each semester

Dental Hygiene

DH Program Fee $375/person/semester (except online completion program students)
DH Acceptance Fee1 $100/person
DH Application Fee $15/person
DH — Board Review Course Fee $125/person
Student Equip./Supplies Fee $2,300/person (Based on actual amount, amount listed is an estimate; student insurance and key costs are part of the equipment/supplies fee.)
RDH to BSDH Students Only
Posting of 25 Hours Retroactive Credit for Associate Degree RDH to BSDH $50/person

Medical Laboratory Sciences

MLS Program Fee $100/person/semester
MLS Acceptance Fee1 $100/person

School of Nursing

Nursing Program Fee $50/credit hour for all credits taken by students in the School of Nursing (except online RN to BSN students)
Nursing Acceptance Fee1 $100/person
Nursing Testing Fee (ATI – CARP) - (NURS 302) $720/person nonrefundable (one time upon admission)
Liability Insurance, Prelicensure (NURS 302) $26/per year, fall semester

RN to BSN Nursing Students Only

RN to BSN Nursing Students Only
Nursing Testing Fee (ATI only)
$460/person nonrefundable (one time upon admission)
Posting of 25 Hours Retroactive Credit for Associate Degree to BSN
RN to MSN Portfolio Review

Accelerated Baccalaureate Nursing Program

Accelerated Acceptance Fee1 $600/person
Resident Student Program Fee $30,000/person (13-month program)
Nonresident Student Program Fee $30,000/person (13-month program)
Nursing Testing Fee (ATI – CARP) $720/person nonrefundable (one time upon admission)
Liability Insurance, Prelicensure $26/year, fall semester

Physician Assistant

PA Program Fee $775/person/semester
PA Acceptance Fee1 $500/person
PA Application Fee $75/person
PA Testing Fee (PA 700, PA 736 and PA 801-807) $200/course (Tests: CPR, EOR, OSCE, PACKRAT)

Physical Therapy

PT Program Fee $575 per person/semester
PT Acceptance Fee1 $100/person

Public Health Science

Public Health Science Acceptance Fee1 $50/person for all programs (HS, HSMCD, AGE, GCPH, AIT), one time upon admission

Fairmount College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

All Programs

International Semester Study Abroad (LASI 479) $100/person


Field Trip actual cost/semester


Lab Course Numbers: BIOL 107, BIOL 210, BIOL 211, BIOL 220, BIOL 223, BIOL 330, BIOL 418, BIOL 419, BIOL 420, BIOL 502, BIOL 503, BIOL 523, BIOL 527, BIOL 528, BIOL 532, BIOL 535, BIOL 540, BIOL 561, BIOL 575, BIOL 578, BIOL 595, BIOL 610G, BIOL 640F, BIOL 760 $50/lab


Lab Course Numbers: CHEM 103, CHEM 211, CHEM 212, CHEM 531, CHEM 532 $75/lab; course repeats (shadow) are exempt.

Elliott School of Communication

COMM 305, COMM 306 $25/credit hour


English Composition Placement Exam $10
Exit Exam for Validation of International Transfer $4


Field Trip actual cost/semester
Lab Course Numbers (GEOL 102, GEOL 111, GEOL 312, GEOL 320, GEOL 324, GEOL 526, GEOL 540, GEOL 544, GEOL 552, GEOL 570, GEOL 650, GEOL 724) $50/lab


College Algebra Placement Exam $10

Modern and Classical Languages and Literatures (MCLL)

CRE for Foreign Language $15/credit hour
Retroactive Credit Fee $15/credit hour
Translation Certification $30
Puebla Summer Program actual cost
Spanish Placement Exam $10


Lab Courses: PHYS 196, PHYS 210, PHYS 213L, PHYS 214L, PHYS 315, PHYS 316 $30/lab


Mastery Workbook Fee (PSY 111 except honor courses, PSY 311) $10/course, nonrefundable

Social Work

Course Numbers: SCWK 402, SCWK 404, SCWK 720, SCWK 721, SCWK 821, SCWK 822, SCWK 823 $25/course