BME - Vocal

Course Title Hours
Music Requirements
Applied Music 1
primary medium14
secondary medium2
General Music
MUSC 127
MUSC 129
Theory I
and Aural Skills I
MUSC 128
MUSC 130
Theory II
and Aural Skills II
MUSC 227
MUSC 229
Theory III
and Aural Skills III
MUSC 228
Theory IV
and Aural Skills IV: Music Education
MUSC 523Form And Analysis2
MUSC 641Orchestration2
History & Literature of Music:
MUSC 113Music in Context 43
MUSC 334History of Music I 43
MUSC 335History of Music II3
MUSP 308Choral Conducting2
MUSP 691Advanced Choral Conducting2
Select 2 credit hours from the following2
Italian Diction
English Diction
German Diction
Voice Pedagogy
Ensembles 2, 39
Recital Attendance
MUSP 105Recital Attendance (two semesters)0
Senior Recital
MUSP 400Senior Recital0
Music Education Requirements
MUSE 171Orientation to Music Education1
MUSE 271Introduction to Music Education2
Core I
CESP 334Introduction to Diversity: Human Growth and Development 43
MUSE 311Introduction to Diversity Field Experience1
MUSE 611Music for Special Education2
MUSE 617Literacy Strategies for Content Areas: Music2
Core II
MUSE 303Elementary and General Music Methods2
MUSE 323Fundamentals of Vocal Music for Secondary Schools2
MUSE 305Pre Student Teaching1
Core III
MUSE 405Teaching Internship Seminar1
MUSE 451Teaching Internship Elementary School: Music3
MUSE 469Teaching Internship Secondary Music3
Additional Requirements
MUSE 241String Rehearsal Methods1
MUSE 242Wind and Percussion Rehearsal Methods1
MUSE 342Survey of Choral Techniques and Literature2
Total Credit Hours87

Piano Proficiency

Students who have not satisfied all piano proficiency requirements must enroll in class piano until they meet those requirements. All music majors must pass the piano proficiency examination before graduation and BME students must have it completed before the student teaching semester.