BM in Composition — All Emphases

The School of Music offers five majors in music composition:

  • Bachelor of Music in composition — keyboard emphasis
  • Bachelor of Music in composition — strings emphasis
  • Bachelor of Music in composition — winds/percussion emphasis
  • Bachelor of Music in composition — voice emphasis
  • Bachelor of Music in composition — harp/guitar/bass emphasis

Program Requirements

With the exception of the ensembles required, the degree requirements are the same for each major. Please consult an advisor to determine which ensembles are needed for a specific major. Other requirements are:

Course Title Hours
Applied Music
Chief performing medium16
Other performing media3
General Music
MUSC 127
MUSC 129
Theory I
and Aural Skills I
MUSC 128
MUSC 130
Theory II
and Aural Skills II
MUSC 227
MUSC 229
Theory III
and Aural Skills III
MUSC 228
MUSC 230
Theory IV
and Aural Skills IV
MUSC 259
MUSC 260
Introduction to Music Composition
and Beginning Music Composition
MUSC 560Applied Composition4
MUSC 660Applied Composition4
MUSC 523Form And Analysis2
MUSC 531Introduction to Electronic Music2
MUSC 56118th Century Counterpoint2
MUSC 641Orchestration2
MART 110Introduction to Music Technology and Industry2
or MART 111 Intro to Music Business
History and Literature of Music
MUSC 113Music in Context3
MUSC 334History of Music I3
MUSC 335History of Music II3
MUSP 307Instrumental Conducting2
or MUSP 308 Choral Conducting
MUSP 651Advanced Conducting and Score Reading2
or MUSP 691 Advanced Choral Conducting
Ensembles 1, 28
Recital Attendance
MUSP 105Recital Attendance (four semesters)0
Senior Recital
MUSP 400Senior Recital0
Total Credit Hours78

See degree check sheets for specified ensembles.


Ensembles are counted by semester.

Composition majors are required to present for public performance a selection of their compositions representing large and small forms, totaling a minimum of 20 minutes. Students must submit completed scores representing a majority of the program to an examining committee the semester prior to that of the proposed recital; the examining committee shall determine the acceptability of the program. The composition or compositions must be submitted in a minimum of two copies done manually in ink or by laser printing using an approved music typesetting computer program. These copies must represent a high quality of manuscript technique or music typesetting. In addition, students may elect to present a second recital in their chief performing medium with the permission of their applied music instructor and achievement of junior proficiency in that instrument.

Note: All music majors must pass a piano proficiency examination.

Applied Learning

Students in the Bachelor of Music in composition program are required to complete an applied learning or research experience to graduate from the program. The requirement can be met by completing a senior recital of original compositions, MUSP 400.