BFA in Music Theatre

Housed in the School of Performing Arts, and in collaboration with the School of Music, the BFA in music theatre is an intensive, interdisciplinary, performance-oriented major. Admittance into the program is by competitive auditions held twice a year. The program offers equal emphasis in music, theatre and dance skills. Career counseling and an understanding of the business is emphasized. Students interested in music theatre as a profession will gain the training and techniques needed to succeed in this demanding and competitive career.

Program Requirements

  • total credit hours for graduation 120 credit hour minimum, overall GPA 2.000, 2.500 in major (3.000 for scholarship consideration);
  • must complete 42 credit hours of general education and must have 45 credit hours of upper-division credits.

Major Requirements: 78 credit hours including:

Course Title Hours
Core Curriculum Courses
THEA 180EPerforming Arts Seminar (freshman seminar)1
THEA 555Capstone Project1
THEA 370Professional Practices for the Performing Artist3
Technical theatre class (costuming, stagecraft, lighting; THEA 253, 244 or 345)3
Theatre Requirements
THEA 243Acting I3
THEA 254Stage Makeup2
THEA 260History of Musical Theatre3
THEA 330Musical Theatre Laboratory2
THEA 342Advanced Acting3
THEA 530Musical Theatre Scene Study2
THEA 610Directing the Musical3
THEA 630Musical Theatre and Opera Audition3
THEA 643Styles In Acting3
Dance Requirements
DANC 210Ballet Technique 12
DANC 201Modern Technique 12
DANC 310Ballet Technique 2 (or as advised)2
DANC 235Jazz Technique 1 (or as advised)2
DANC 335Jazz Technique 2 (or as advised) 12
DANC 240Tap 12
DANC 340Tap 2 22
DANC 332Music Theatre Dance 12
DANC 432Music Theatre Dance 2 32
DANC 130VHip Hop I2
Music Requirement
Take six semesters of the following:12
Applied Music Instruction for Majors - Voice
and Applied Music Instruction for Majors - Voice
MUSC 127Theory I2
MUSC 128Theory II2
MUSC 129Aural Skills I2
MUSC 130Aural Skills II2
Take two semesters of the following:2
Piano Class Level I - Music Majors
and Piano Class Level II - Music Majors
Take two semesters of the following:2
Voice Coaching
Take two semesters of the following:2
A Cappella Choir (two semesters)
Total Credit Hours78

Incoming students with previous training in dance will be assessed to determine appropriate class level. With approval from instructors, those with prior training may substitute upper-division courses for entry level classes. Credit hours must still total 120.

Students with prior piano skills may take a proficiency exam and test out of piano class.

Music theatre majors must audition for all department musicals. Students receiving scholarships are required to perform as cast. All majors must obtain departmental approval prior to performing off campus. Permission is granted on a case-by-case basis. With instructor’s consent, students not cast in department musicals are encouraged to audition for roles and internships at the many professional and community theatres that flourish in Wichita. Majors are encouraged to audition for, and participate in theater, dance and opera productions, as well as musicals.

The faculty seeks to produce graduates who will be competitive in the professional performing world.

Applied Learning

All students in a School of Performing Arts bachelor degree track or concentration are required to complete an applied learning or research experience to graduate from the program. The requirement can be met by completing a formal capstone project. Students create a major project whether self-generated, an extension of coursework, or through advanced participation in producing a public performance. Through the capstone experience, students develop and demonstrate, in a hands-on, real world context, the skills, knowledge and competencies required in their area of emphasis. Students in the School of Performing Arts develop a diverse portfolio of experiences, materials and intellectual properties through a broad offering of applied experiences in their four years. The capstone project provides a practical context for academic, experiential and personal growth through the college experience. The final, real product of the SPA's program of applied learning is a young professional prepared for the future.