Certificate in Stage Management

The certificate in stage management consists of a balanced combination of courses that provides a wide range of knowledge in management, sociology and theatre, as well as practical training essential for a stage management professional. In addition to the classroom requirements, students are assigned to stage management positions in School of Performing Arts productions that reflect increasing responsibilities throughout the plan of study. The program is structured to prepare the student for work in commercial and regional theatre. It also provides a strong basis for learning a variety of artistic skills and management tools essential for employment opportunities in other entertainment areas such as touring, dance, opera, event management and industrials. Workshops, seminars and lectures by guest professionals provide an essential component in the program progression.

Program Requirements

Course Title Hours
THEA 180CPracticum: Management1
THEA 272Stage Management3
THEA 375CDirected Projects-Stage Management (stage manage a Second Stage production in conjunction with THEA 375C enrollment)2
THEA 380CPracticum: Management (assistant stage manage a Mainstage production in conjunction with THEA 380C enrollment)1
THEA 675CDirected Study-Stage Management (stage manage a Mainstage production in conjunction with THEA 675C enrollment)2
MGMT 360Principles of Management3
SOC 350Social Interaction3
Total Credit Hours15

Classes required by the certificate program are taken in combination with the student’s general education and major studies classes. The certificate is open to all students of Wichita State University. Preference in selection is given to majors in the School of Performing Arts. An overall grade point average of at least 2.000 for all courses comprising the certificate program, and no grade below C, is required to earn the certificate.