Certificate in Physical Performance Studies

This rigorous interdisciplinary curriculum consists of a combination of required courses that provide a wide range of knowledge in human anatomy, dance and theatre. The anatomy and kinesiology courses assist the student in knowledge of the human body and kinesthetics and mechanics of human motion. The dance courses help develop physical flexibility, strength, endurance, balance and emotional expression. The theatre courses help develop physical ease, physical expression and clarity, and skills needed to effectively and safely execute and communicate physical conflict (stage combat and stunt work). Although it is not required for the certificate, students of the program are encouraged to broaden their physical training with a personally created workout routine, to study Tai Chi for added development of balance and motor skills, and study some form of martial arts for further training in the field of physical conflict storytelling needed on stage, in film and for motion capture work. Workshops, seminars and lectures by guest professionals provide an essential component in the course progression.

Program Requirements

Course Title Hours
DANC 201Modern Technique 12
THEA 218Movement for the Performer 13
DANC 227Mime/Physical Theatre 1 12
THEA 365Stage Combat 13
HPS 229Applied Human Anatomy 2, 33
or HS 290 Foundational Human Anatomy and Physiology
or BIOL 223 Human Anatomy and Physiology
DANC 415Dance Kinesiology3
Total Credit Hours16