BSN - RN to BSN Online Degree Completion Program

The RN to BSN program offers advanced placement to registered nurses seeking a Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree. The program is completely online, is accessible 24 hours a day, and can be completed in as little as one calendar year or up to six years of part-time study. Up to 30 credit hours of retroactive credit or credit by exam in nursing courses can be applied to the degree. This value added program builds on the skills of the registered nurse’s previous nursing educational program. The BSN expands an RN’s knowledge base to provide a means for continued advancement in the profession, and to meet the necessary requirements for pursuing a graduate degree in nursing. Students interested in more information should visit the RN to BSN webpage ( or contact the RN to BSN advisor at:

Phone: 316-978-7332
Toll free: 844-827-3828


Registered Nurses must:

  1. Apply to Wichita State University and submit official transcripts of college courses and records verifying completion of an accredited registered nurse program;
  2. Submit verification of current license to practice as a registered nurse in their state of residence; and
  3. Submit an application to the RN to BSN program.

Transcript evaluation will determine the exact general education required for the Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree. Students with an Associates Degree in Nursing (ADN) from an accredited university will meet WSU’s general education requirements.

Program Prerequisite Courses

Each of these courses must be completed with a C (2.000) or higher grade

Foundation Courses
ENGL 101College English I3
ENGL 102College English II3
COMM 111Public Speaking3
MATH 111College Algebra3
Social and Behavioral Sciences
PSY 111General Psychology3
PSY 325Developmental Psychology3
SOC 111Introduction to Sociology3
Mathematics and Natural Sciences
CHEM 103Introductory Chemistry5
or CHEM 211 General Chemistry I
BIOL 220Introduction to Microbiology4
BIOL 223Human Anatomy and Physiology5
or HS 290 Foundational Human Anatomy and Physiology
STAT 370Elementary Statistics3
Additional Requirements
General electives (often met by ADN hours)26
Total Credit Hours64

Professional Curriculum

Professional curriculum 35 credit hours. (Nursing courses offered in eight-week blocks.)

Courses are sequenced and must be taken in order as listed below. Some courses may be taken concurrently; contact the School of Nursing for individualized plan of study.

NURS 346Health Assessment for the Practicing RN3
NURS 329Evidence-Based Nursing for the Practicing RN (STAT 370 is a course prerequisite)3
NURS 337Foundations of Nursing Leadership for the Practicing RN4
NURS 451Care of Populations for the Practicing RN3
NURS 490Healthcare Leadership for the Practicing RN3
NURS 496Nursing Leadership Practicum for the Practicing RN2
Intro. to Pathophysiology4
Clinical Pharmacology3
Intro. to Health Care Ethics (recommended, not required)1
Issues and Perspectives — 1st course 13
Issues and Perspectives — 2nd course 13
Upper-division elective3
Upper-division nursing credits awarded retroactively on the basis of associates degree in nursing or credit by exam (up to 30 credit hours)30
Total Credit Hours65

Applied Learning

Students in the RSN to BSN degree completion program are required to complete an applied learning or research experience to graduate from the program. The requirement can be met by completing all required coursework culminating with the NURS 496 Nursing Leadership Practicum for the Practicing RN course.

Graduation and Program Requirements

  1. All prerequisite and professional courses must be completed with a C (2.000) or higher.
  2. Graduation requirements
    1. 60 credit hours must be from a four-year university (up to 30 of these awarded via retroactive credit or credit by exam);
    2. 30 credit hours must be taken from WSU;
    3. Last 24 of 30 credit hours must be at WSU;
    4. 45 upper-division credit hours (up to 30 of these awarded via retroactive credit or credit by exam);
    5. 120 total credit hours required for Bachelor of Science in Nursing.
  3. 2.500 cumulative GPA for admission to the School of Nursing.
  4. Licensed RN (must be obtained within the first eight weeks of beginning the program).

Credit Awarded for Previous Nursing Experience

The Associate Degree (ADN) RN student is eligible to receive nursing credit for 30 credit hours of ADN coursework upon successful completion of the degree requirements. During the final semester of coursework, the student will pay an administrative fee of $50 for receiving the credit. To avoid the award of duplicate credit toward graduation, the associate degree nursing coursework will be parenthesized on the transcript at the time the up to 30 credit hours of upper-division nursing coursework are posted.

RN diploma students who have graduated from an NLN accredited program and who meet the work experience criteria may earn 30 upper-division hours through credit by examination (CrE) or through portfolio review.

Dual/Accelerated Bachelor’s to Master’s Degree Program (RN to MSN Program)

The RN to MSN Dual/Accelerated Program offers the opportunity for outstanding registered nurse (RN) undergraduate students, who are admitted to and enrolled in the BSN program at WSU, to advance their careers in a significant way by pursuing the BSN and MSN degrees in a coordinated program that provides the student with the high level of academic advising necessary for program success. A cumulative grade point average (GPA) of 3.250 or higher is required at the time of admission to the BSN program and must be maintained throughout the BSN and MSN programs.

Contact the School of Nursing for the latest updates.