BBA - Human Resource Management

Department of Management

Candidates for the Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) degree must satisfy the additional requirements of the following curricular major.

All majors must contain at least 12 unduplicated credit hours. All minors must contain at least 3 unduplicated credit hours.

Course Title Hours
Required Courses
HRM 466Fundamentals of Human Resource Management3
HRM 665Employment Law3
HRM 666Human Resource Staffing3
HRM 668Compensation3
HRM 669Training and Development3
Select 6 credit hours from the following:6
Leading & Motivating
Designing Effective Organizations
Building Effective Work Teams
Communicating Effectively in Organizations
Managing in Diverse Organizations
Other courses may be used as electives with advisor consent, including:
Cooperative Education
Independent Study/Project
Seminar in Selected Topics
Total Credit Hours21

A maximum of 3 credit hours of co-op may be used in the major.