BBA - International Business

Department of Management

Candidates for the Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) degree must satisfy the additional requirements of the following curricular major.

All majors must contain at least 12 unduplicated credit hours. All minors must contain at least 3 unduplicated credit hours.

Students majoring in international business must make three choices early in their program:

  1. Language. A minimum of 10 credit hours of foreign language is required. Students who already have foreign language skills beyond the elementary level should consult with a business advisor or academic advisor. The language credit hours are not part of the 21 credit hours required for the international business major.
  2. Minor. International business majors must choose a functional area of business as a minor: accounting, economics, entrepreneurship, finance, human resource management, management, management information systems, marketing, operations management or personal selling. The minor credit hours are not part of the 21 credit hours required for the international business major. A major in these functional areas of business would also meet this requirement.
  3. International Experience. International business majors are required to participate in an academic international experience. The preferred option is to study abroad at least one semester at a university. An alternative is a short-term academic international study tour. Nine international experience credit hours can be applied toward the 21 credit hours required for the international business major.
Course Title Hours
Required Courses
IB 561International Economics and Business3
IB 600International Management3
IB 601International Marketing3
Directed Electives
Select 12 credit hours from the following:12
Principles of Global Supply Chain Management and Logistics
Negotiating Across Cultures
Cooperative Education
Independent Study/Project
Legal Environment of International Business
International Financial Management
Special Topics in International Business
Introduction to International Relations
Comparative Politics
International Organizations
U.S. Foreign Policy
International Political Economy
International Political Economy
Marketing Research
Consumer Behavior
History: History courses approved by an academic advisor
Language courses: 200-level and above
International experience: Students may count up to 9 credit hours of international experience toward their directed electives
Total Credit Hours21

Note for international students: International students who are already studying abroad at WSU or who have transferred to WSU from another country may be deemed to have met the international experience requirement. International students who choose their home region need to work with an advisor to plan their courses to fulfill the language and cultural/area studies requirements. It is recommended that non-English speakers choose English language courses and courses on U.S. culture, history and/or political systems to fulfill these requirements. International students who choose a regional emphasis outside their home region are required to fulfill the same language and cultural/area studies requirements as domestic students.