Business Courses - Information

Business courses numbered 100 to 299 are designed primarily for freshmen and sophomores, but students from other classes may be admitted for lower-division credit.

Business courses numbered 300 to 499 are available only to juniors and seniors. Graduate students may not take these courses for graduate credit.

Business courses numbered 500 to 699 are available to juniors and seniors, but graduate students may also receive graduate credit for these courses.

Business courses numbered 700 to 799 are structured primarily for graduate students, but undergraduate, upper-division students may be admitted if they meet course prerequisites.

Courses numbered 800 to 899 are designed for graduate students only, and students may not be admitted to these courses unless they have been admitted to the Graduate School. (See the Academics section of the catalog for special conditions under which seniors may be admitted to graduate courses.)

Cross-listed Courses

Selected courses in the Barton School of Business are cross-listed because course content is suitable to more than one discipline. Every department or program which offers cross-listed courses provides a separate catalog description. Students may enroll in cross-listed courses to meet major and minor requirements, but credit may be earned under only one of the course listings.

Courses in the W. Frank Barton School of Business