Certificate in Building Level Leadership/Principal

The Educational Leadership program in the department of counseling, educational leadership, educational and school psychology offers the Building-Level Leadership Graduate Certificate program. Its goal is to provide a path for students who currently have a master's degree in an education-related field (e.g. curriculum and instruction, school counseling, etc.) and are currently employed in preK–12 education to be recommended for building licensure.


Applicants must have a minimum 3.000 grade point average in their last two years (60 credit hours) of college coursework from accredited institutions. In addition, applicants must have validated strengths on the multiple indicators listed below:

  1. Official transcripts of all college-level work completed with indication of having completed a master's degree in an education-related field (e.g. curriculum and instruction, school counseling);
  2. Three completed reference report forms from supervisors and/or professional peers. At least one must be from a supervisor attesting to the applicant's potential as a building administrator;
  3. Evidence of licensure for a role in public/private schools and at least one year of accredited experience;
  4. A resume or curriculum vita of educational and professional experience;
  5. A brief statement of professional goals related to completion of the certificate program and/or certification as a school administrator; and
  6. A letter signed by a building principal indicating he or she is willing to serve as the student's mentor and will allow the student to fulfill the practicum requirements in the program. (Note: this requirement normally precludes the admission of international students from this program because applicants are usually employed by a K–12 public or private school district before being admitted.)

Program Requirements

The certificate program requires 15–21 credit hours of coursework comprising the following:

EL 803Introduction to Educational Leadership, Team-Based Collaboration, and Inquiry Process3
EL 813Introduction to Educational Leadership3
EL 815Building-Level Leadership Practicum I3
EL 825Building-Level Leadership Practicum II3
EL 831Diversity and Social Justice 13
EL 833Seminar: School Law and Personnel Management3
CLES 801Introduction to Educational Research 13
Total Credit Hours21

Sequence of Courses

Plan of Study Grid
First Year
Summer SemesterCredit Hours
EL 803 Introduction to Educational Leadership, Team-Based Collaboration, and Inquiry Process 3
CLES 801 Introduction to Educational Research 3
 Credit Hours6
Fall Semester
EL 813 Introduction to Educational Leadership 3
EL 815 Building-Level Leadership Practicum I 3
 Credit Hours6
Spring Semester
EL 825 Building-Level Leadership Practicum II 3
EL 833 Seminar: School Law and Personnel Management 3
 Credit Hours6
Second Year
Summer Semester
EL 831 Diversity and Social Justice 3
 Credit Hours3
 Total Credit Hours21

Applied Learning

Students in the educational leadership (MEd) building-level leadership/principal program are required to complete an applied learning or research experience to graduate from the program. The requirement can be met by completing two practicum experiences: EL 815 and EL 825.

Completion Requirements

Students completing the requirements for a graduate certificate must submit the Graduate Plan of Study form and the Application for Graduate Certificate form no later than the 20th day of the fall or spring semester, or the 10th day of the eight-week summer term when certificate completion is anticipated. A cumulative GPA of 3.000 for all courses comprising the certificate program and on the student's approved plan of study is required. No grades below a C (2.000) are allowed in certificate program courses. In addition, candidates must pass all key program assessments. Complete information on these assessments is available from the program advisor.