Grading System

Wichita State grades include A (excellent), B (good), C (satisfactory), D (unsatisfactory), F (failure), W (withdrawal), Cr (credit), NCr (no credit), Bg (badge), NBg (no badge), S (satisfactory), U (unsatisfactory), I (incomplete), IP (in progress), NGS (no grade submitted), CrE (credit by examination), and Au (audit). Passing grades include A, B, C, D, Cr, CrE, Bg and S. The grades F, NCr, NBg and U indicate that the quality of work was such that, to obtain credit, the student must repeat regular coursework. A plus/minus grading system was adopted beginning fall 2009. It applies to grades of A, B, C and D.

Credit Points

For each hour of work the student takes, credit points are assigned, as follows, to permit averaging of grades:

A 4.000
A- 3.700
B+ 3.300
B 3.000
B- 2.700
C+ 2.300
C 2.000
C- 1.700
D+ 1.300
D 1.000
D- 0.700
F 0

Related Details

  • B or better grade required: B- will fulfill this requirement unless otherwise indicated.
  • C or better grade required: C- will fulfill this requirement in course prerequisites unless otherwise indicated, but C- will not fulfill degree requirements.
  • I: Incomplete. An incomplete is a temporary grade assigned by a faculty member that grants a student an extension of time to complete the coursework. The extension of time may not exceed one calendar year from the end of the original semester. It is used in exceptional cases where a student is unable to complete coursework due to circumstances beyond his or her control. Credit is postponed and the course is not included in the student's grade point average until a permanent letter grade is assigned. 
    The following conditions govern incompletes:
    1. When an incomplete grade is assigned, the faculty member may assign a default grade other than an I. If the coursework is not satisfactorily completed by the extension date, the I will revert to the default grade; if the faculty member does not assign a default grade the I will revert to an F. When the student completes the work by the extension date, the faculty member must submit an online change of grade request to assign the appropriate grade.
    2. Subsequent enrollment in the course will be governed by the university repeat policy.
    3. Students are automatically informed of university policies and procedures when they receive an grade. 
  • IP: In Progress. An IP (in progress) grade is temporarily recorded when a course does not have to be completed by the end of the semester of enrollment. The grade submitted when the course has been completed replaces all IP grades for that course. This only applies to courses such as Special Topics, Special Projects, Research, Thesis and Dissertation, as specified by the departments. 
  • Bg/NBg: Badge/No Badge. In order for graduate credit to be awarded for a badge course, the expectation is that the quality of work would be consistent with a letter grade of a B (80 percent).
  • GPA: Grade Point Average. The graduate grade point average includes only those courses taken at WSU for which graduate credit is earned and for which a regular letter grade (A,B,C, D or F) is assigned. For repeated courses, only the last assigned grade is used to calculate the WSU graduate grade point average. WSU courses repeated at another institution may be used to fulfill program requirements; however, the repeated course transferred from another institution will not be counted in the WSU graduate grade point average, nor will it replace the grade received at WSU. Courses transferred from another institution and graduate credit courses graded S (satisfactory) or Bg (badge) do not affect the graduate grade point average. GPAs are calculated and applied to three decimal places (truncated), although only two decimal places print on the transcript.
    To remain in good standing in a graduate degree program, students must maintain a grade point average of at least 3.000 in all courses on the student's graduate plan of study (excluding all transfer work) and for all graduate work taken at WSU. Grades lower than C, (generating less than 2.000 grade points), cannot be used to satisfy degree requirements, but such grades earned, beginning fall 2001, may be repeated.