Credits Required

All master’s degrees require a minimum of 30 credit hours, with some programs requiring more.

The total credit hours required for a doctoral degree varies with the degree program. At least 60 percent of the doctoral credit hours, beyond the master’s degree, must be 800 level and above. However, in doctoral programs that require only a bachelor’s degree for admission, students must complete 60 percent of total hours at the 700 level or above, and the majority of total hours (50 percent plus one hour) must be 800 level or above.

Transfer hours cannot be used to satisfy the course level requirements stated above unless transfer hours are of the appropriate level and from Kansas Board of Regents institutions. Workshop hours may not be used to satisfy the course level requirements.

If admitted to a new graduate program, it is up to the new program to decide how much (if any) of the student's prior graduate coursework can be used in the new graduate program. All rules relative to time limits and other degree completion requirements apply. Rules relative to "Transfer of Credit" would only apply if the student also has work completed at an institution other than Wichita State. Work completed in a different graduate program at WSU would not be considered transfer credit. As usual, the student will need to declare the coursework they wish to use on the plan of study, which will be approved first by the department, then reviewed by the Graduate School for approval. 

Specific program requirements are listed in the individual program’s section of the Graduate Catalog. Transfer credit policies are outlined under the heading “Transfer Credit.”