The department of public health sciences offers a Master of Arts in aging studies and Master of Health Administration. Graduate certificates in senior living management, aging studies for health professionals, healthcare leadership, and public health are also available for degree and nondegree seeking individuals whose primary goal is core knowledge in those disciplines.

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Administrator-in-Training (AIT) Practicum Placement

The AIT practicum placement is available to individuals with a bachelor’s degree, who have had coursework and/or professional experience in aging studies or long-term care; management concepts; and finance or accounting.

Students who hold a bachelor's degree and are interested in pursuing the AIT practicum as a nondegree seeking student can register online to complete the practicum through Wichita State University's conference and community education office. Graduate students pursuing the Master of Arts in aging studies, senior living management concentration can complete the AIT practicum for 3 credit hours ( PHS 660) as the culminating experience.

The AIT is designed to place qualified applicants in a 480-clock-hour practicum placement with a qualified nursing home administrator, as part of the preparation necessary for becoming a licensed nursing home administrator in the state of Kansas. The 480 practicum hours can begin at any point during the year, but must be completed within one year. The student works with their site preceptor to establish a schedule.

Students without relevant coursework and/or professional experience are encouraged to apply to the aging studies, nondegree category and pursue the graduate certificate in senior living management. The AIT practicum course PHS 660 can be completed for 3 credit hours of the 12 credit hour graduate certificate. All 12 credit hours of the graduate certificate transfer to the Master of Arts in aging studies program for those interested in advancing their education.

Senior Living Management Coursework Recommendations

Interested students who already hold a bachelor's degree are highly encouraged to consider the Master of Arts in aging studies, senior living management concentration to advance their education and maximize their career potential in senior living.

Course Title Hours
PHS 560Community Resources and Aging Network3
PHS 562Senior Living Operations3
PHS 626Senior Living Hospitality3
PHS 622Human Resource Management in Healthcare3
PHS 765The Medicare System3
PHS 803Healthcare Finance3

Courses in Public Health Sciences