Shocker Pathway

Shocker Pathway is a partnership between WSU Tech and Wichita State University to provide a convenient and flexible way to earn an Associate of Arts (AA) from Wichita State. Shocker Pathway students begin their general education coursework at WSU Tech by earning up to 50 credit hours, then transitioning to Wichita State to earn an additional 15 credit hours for completion of the AA degree.

Shocker Pathway, established in 2015 and strengthened by the affiliation in the fall of 2018, gives students the ability to take advantage of the partnership between Wichita State University and WSU Tech — formerly known as Wichita Area Technical College.

While the two remain separate degree-granting institutions, the formalized affiliation now allows for more collaborative possibilities, as well as increased availability and quality of opportunities for students, while directly meeting the core workforce needs of the state.