Certificate in Medieval and Renaissance Studies

The Medieval and Renaissance studies certificate explores the diversity of European culture, drawing from WSU course offerings in art history, literature, music, languages, political science and history.

The undergraduate certificate may be earned by any undergraduate or graduate student and requires coursework from at least three departments including history, literature, language and another discipline.

The certificate may be combined with a major (e.g., English, history) or taken as an elective interest.

Program Requirements

An overall grade point average of at least 2.000 for all courses comprising the certificate program, and no grade below C, is required to earn the certificate.

Course Title Hours
Select a minimum of 18 credit hours in Medieval and Renaissance studies coursework (from at least three departments) from the following:18
Seminar in Art History
History of the English Language
Studies in Shakespeare
Epic and Romance
Medieval Literature
Renaissance Literature
Special Studies
Seminar in Chaucer
Seminar in Medieval Literature
Seminar in Renaissance Literature
Medieval History 500-1200
Medieval History 1200-1500
Italian Renaissance
The Reformations: From Heresies to Diversity
French Civilization: The Middle Ages to the Restoration
Medieval French Literature
Renaissance French Literature
Elementary Latin I
Elementary Latin II
Intermediate Latin
Intermediate Latin
History of Music I
Seminar in Spanish
Total Credit Hours18


  • A total of 6 credit hours (in exceptional cases, 9 credit hours) from other universities may be applied toward the certificate with approval.
  • A total of 6 credit hours (in exceptional cases, 9 credit hours) may be taken as independent study.
  • Students must complete all work for the certificate within six (in exceptional cases, seven) years following admission to the program.
  • New additions to the list of courses will be announced as they are approved.

Language Requirement

Students are required to complete a minimum of one course in a medieval language. However, those anticipating graduate work in a field within Medieval and Renaissance studies are strongly encouraged to take the Latin sequence ( LATN 111LATN 112, LATN 223LATN 224). Students may choose from the following:

  • Latin
  • Old English
  • Middle English
  • Old French
  • Medieval French
  • Medieval Spanish
  • Middle High German
  • Old Norse

Note: Modern language courses (e.g., FREN 111) do not count toward the 18 credit hours needed to complete the certificate. Languages not taught on a regular basis may be taken as independent study courses with the permission of the instructor.

Final Project

The final project should be a substantial essay of not less than 20 pages of text (not including notes) that uses primary sources. The essay should be submitted to the program coordinator at least three months before the student graduates.

The student will present his or her essay at a final project review staffed by the coordinator, the professor who supervised the writing of the essay, and one other program faculty member. The coordinator will be responsible for scheduling the review.


Students should be advised by a member of the coordinating committee. For more information and advising, contact coordinator, Francis X. Connor, 316-978-6231, or francis.connor@wichita.edu.